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  1. I still love my HD Bean running into the effects loop of my amp. Has anyone ever built a simple footswitch like the FBV2 for it? I would love to just be able to scroll through my ABCD presets. I have built switches in the past but they were all just TRS cables so I am clueless on using something that uses the LAN cables. Thanks in adavance for any input!
  2. Wow, I never thought about trying that. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to build a bass patch that splits and fakes a guitar, ala Royal Blood. Doesn't have to be the same quality, I just want to fake some rhythm guitar during the guitar solos. I have it split and going through the pitch glide at +12, I'd like to then turn that signal into 5ths and fake power chords. Is there a way to do this with the smart Harmony? I would rather not have to pick the key of the song and just have it be simple like the 5ths setting on the DigiTech whammy. Thanks in advance for any input!
  4. Thanks, yes I still have the gift option even after unregistering the pod. I just wanted to get a second opinion. I will find a place to post it and maybe it's worth 50 bucks to someone. Thanks again
  5. I have switched over to the firehawk and now I have 100 dollar HD amp pack going to waste. Could I sell it for 50 bucks and gift it or do just need to find me a used bean?
  6. It's an SG with stock pickups. I adjusted the bridge pickup and now it's good. I ended up exchanging it for a Focusrite though just because I want a gain knob for my strats etc. I wish the mic gain knob worked when switching to the guitar input on the sonic port.
  7. When I lower the guitar volume it drops and quits popping but that affects the tone of my guitar a good bit.
  8. Using this on windows and the mics work great but pluging guitar straight in is a little too hot of a signal (humbuckers) and clips alot and has the sonic port's red light flashing. Is there a way to lower this input when using this on a PC or do windows users need more hardware between the guitar and sonicport? I was hoping the gain knob for the mic would control this when switched but it doesn't.
  9. I am using it with Reaper and Mixcraft, the mics work great but pluging guitar straight in is a little too hot of a signal (humbuckers) and clips alot. without additional windows software there is no way to adjust the input that I can figure out. I guess windows users are going to need more hardware between the guitar and sonicport. I was planning on taking it back but I am thinking about keeping it and just running hardware sims through in on the line in input. If your driver is installed properly you should be able to go to you Preferences or Options menu and switch to Asio and see the sonicport.
  10. Same here. I have the driver installed and the mic is working but I expected some type of software with amps and effects.
  11. I love my 2.0 and always come back to its ease of use. I travel a lot and would like to have an mp3 input without the need for a mixer. I'm handy with a solder, does anyone know an aux input would go on the motherboard? Or does anyone have schematics or internal pics so i could compare an XT and XT live?
  12. I got a new (to me) XT Live yesterday and I am interested in some of the model packs. The bundle sale has some packs that already came with it. Can you pick the packs and make a bundle you need? Also, do you think the model packs will get cheaper after New Years when the Pod XT is no longer supported? I would hate to pay $150 upgrading this thing only to be charged $20 everytime I have a question or when something goes wrong. Thanks
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