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Pod Hd Pro X Unbalanced Output Not Working.

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Can any one help me out with this??



Just bought a Matrix gt1000fx 2U rack amplifier to use with My new POD HD X.

When I try to plug from the unbalanced output of my POD HD X to the input of my Matrix the Matrix does not receive a signal from the pod and no sound comes out of my cab.


I tested all my cables and they are all fine.


I then tried plugging the dry output Od my Pod into the Input of the matrix and it works fine. I receives a signal and sound comes out of my cab.


Anyone can advise me on why I am not gettting a wet signal coming out of the unbalanced outputs on my POD HD X??

Tried bothe with the switch set to amp and to line...NADA  no signal whatsover.


Is this a settings issue??


I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on this before I send it back to the store as not working..






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Dude mine is doing the exact same thing!! It was working fine a few days ago while doing the 4CM and now ...NADA! All cables are good and connected as they should.

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Try your headphone output as a line input...Or just plug in some cans...If you have signal on the cans and nothing on the 1/4 outs, send it back...

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