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Soldering Required to Swap Variax 700 Jack Plate Assembly?

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I need to swap out the jack plate assembly on my Variax 700.  The contact when using modeled tones is intermittent.  If I provide pressure to force the Neutrix connector all the way in, the modeling works but letting go on the pressure results in a disconnect.


I have the replacement assembly from Full Compass.


I have very bad eyesight (legally blind) so I need to know whether swapping jack plates is simply unscrewing the 4 screws securing the jack plate to the guitar body and then pulling the connectors out of their respective sockets or, if in addition, desoldering of connections from the current jack plate and soldering connections to the new jack plate is required.


In the first case, I feel I can do it myself.  In the second, I would have to arrange for a local tech to handle the swap.  Smart blind folks don't do soldering by the touch method<g>.





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Thanks for the quick reply!


given your confirmation that no soldering is required, I may enlist my wife (good eyes) to open it up and assess how I imitating the operation “looks” to her. 


Thanks for your suggestions on removal of the rear panel and unscrewing the main board. That last step may push us in the direction of finding a local tech who is comfortable with handling the circuit board (and associated connections). 



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