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  1. Thanks for clarifying what I should expect to see out of the tool. I simplified to a single .hls file trying to troublehoot the lack of any info on the right side of the page. Originally I had multi-selected 4 or 5 .hls files derived from setlists accumulated from Customtone, purchased from Chad Huskey, Glenn DeLaune, and Jason Sadites, and several patches from John Cordy's offerings. I am not at my home computer but know that Glenn DeLaune's patches included many custom IR's. I think Chad Huskey's may have a couple and John Cordy's specifically mentioned 2 IR's. I am contemplating backing up the IR's that I have installed (which have exhausted the available "slots"), removing the whole list, and then stepping through the presets in HX Edit and record which IR's are identified as missing. I would then restore only those. I did, by the way, try with both Edge and Chrome after ensuring that Javascript was enabled. Let me know if there is anything else I might try to get HIRB to show the names of the presets that contain IRs as that would be a quicker way to clear out the "deadwood". Thanks again. Glenn
  2. I am having trouble running HIRB on the latest version of Windows 10 64-bit with latest versions of both Edge and Chrome. I can drag the .hls files onto the page and quickly get confirmation on the top left of the .hls file or files I have dragged. However, no IRs show on the right side of the screen. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! given your confirmation that no soldering is required, I may enlist my wife (good eyes) to open it up and assess how I imitating the operation “looks” to her. Thanks for your suggestions on removal of the rear panel and unscrewing the main board. That last step may push us in the direction of finding a local tech who is comfortable with handling the circuit board (and associated connections). Glenn
  4. I need to swap out the jack plate assembly on my Variax 700. The contact when using modeled tones is intermittent. If I provide pressure to force the Neutrix connector all the way in, the modeling works but letting go on the pressure results in a disconnect. I have the replacement assembly from Full Compass. I have very bad eyesight (legally blind) so I need to know whether swapping jack plates is simply unscrewing the 4 screws securing the jack plate to the guitar body and then pulling the connectors out of their respective sockets or, if in addition, desoldering of connections from the current jack plate and soldering connections to the new jack plate is required. In the first case, I feel I can do it myself. In the second, I would have to arrange for a local tech to handle the swap. Smart blind folks don't do soldering by the touch method<g>. Thanks, Glenn
  5. I am having similar issues with a Variax 700 Acoustic and hoping for suggestions on where exactly to suspect a bad solder joint. My guitar is producing no signal/audio when connected via VDI. It had been intermittent when jiggling the VDI connector at the jack plate using both a line6 VDI and a VDI cable but has since stopped producing a signal altogether (thru a PODHD500 to a StageSource L2T). Same situation using an Ethernet CAT5 cable. Each of the cables did case the green or red LED to glow (depending on whether the model select knob had been pressed). I do get a good signal via the 1/4” output both with batteries and powered by the Line6 provided DI box. The tech that works on my guitars thought the RJ-45 receptacle might have been the cause of the problem when it was intermittent so he replaced the jack plate assembly. No joy. It seems it is a bad connection somewhere internal to the Variax. Has anyone experienced and solved a similar problem that might be able to suggest how to diagnose where the faulty connection is located. The tech asked if the manual for the Variax had a wiring diagram but I was unable to find one there or searching the web as well. I’m thinking that the audio produced while on battery power or when using the DI box means that the control board and piezos are ok. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! Glenn
  6. I have occasionally seen this. I found that disconnecting my variax cable instantly allowed the boot process to complete. I had attributed the misbehavior to a questionable Line 6 VDI cable.
  7. I would also appreciate seeing some patches to serve as a starting point for "season to taste". Glenn
  8. I did get the Variax Acoustic patch to work by removing the effects loop from the signal chain. My first foray into modifying the path. This thing is getting a little less scary all the time. Thanks to all for your help.
  9. I just realized I hadn't provided the update. Line 6 replaced the L2Twith a new unit and I couldn't be happier with the combination of JTV-69 -> HD500 -> L2T. Thanks to those who responded.
  10. I did discovered on page 3 of the setup on the LCD and changed the Inputs Setup from PRESET to GLOBAL. Now I get audio from all but 1000 Years and Variax Acoustic. Still don't know what I need to change to get them working Still in the early stage of mastering the hd500
  11. Thanks but I have the same issue with these three. - no audio. Again, I suspect I have some global parm(s) in the hd500 misconfigured. Any suggestion on what the parms(s) might be? Glenn
  12. Maybe you guys can help me. I have a JTV-69 going into an HD 500 and then via Line 6 into a Stagesource L2T. Many of the patches that I get from customtone and several of the patches in the zip file provided by Melissiah have absolutely no audio. In Melissiah's zip I did get audio from the Brit J-45 brtpre, Pink Floyd muff, and two of the three Pink Floyd patches - I got no audio from The Wall SOLO. I'm thinking this may point out (to folks on the forum with far more experience than I have so far) what I need to tweak to be able to get to hear audio from these other patches. The ones that did produce audio sounded great by the way. Glenn
  13. I am a new to use of Stagesource and am facing the following "misbehavior". I hope it is "new pilot" error rather than a defective unit. I am using a JTV-69 into Pod hd500 via VDI connected to brand new L2T via L6 Link - sound produced as expected for a minute or so then sound quits, front LED turns red, and fan turns on. Fan runs for a minute or so then turns off, LED turns white, sound resumes. Cycle starts all over again. This behavior at normal room temp. Occurred sitting on desk with more than 3ft clearance on all sides. Same while on tripod stand. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks Glenn
  14. From memory, I think it is important that a cable is plugged into the 1/4" output jack on the guitar as well as the VDI cable (it can be attached to nothing at the other end of the 1/4" cable).
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