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MIDI Clock Question: Helix + Boss SY300

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I have a Helix Floor and a  Boss SY300. I have the Boss SY300 follow MIDI clock from a Line6 Helix Floor via the 5 pin MIDI cable. This works wonderfully for all of my applications except one. Specifically, I have recently downloaded and love a WHO SY300 patch that uses variations of tempo via the control switch on the SY300 to create the essence of the sound it is emulating. The problem is that I have to unplug the 5 pin MIDI clock from the Helix so that the SY300 control switch will impact the tempo of the SY300. 

My questions: 
a) Can I  have the Helix not transmit MIDI clock for one patch only or have a switch stop the MIDI clock transmission for a bit. (like a snapshot or a stomp)?

b) How can I get the SY300 to ignore the MIDI clock from the Helix for that one patch so that I don't have to manually unplug the MIDI cable? (I have asked this in the vguitar.com forum)
c) If easy "a" or "b" doesn't work I am wondering if I can send some sort of message from my iPad Bandhelper app to turn off MIDI clock on one of these devices. 


Any help to make this more fluid then plugging in and unplugging cable will be greatly appreciated.

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