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Recording & Monitoring with Cubase (Win10)

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I have tried to record a few practice sessions on my tiny home studio. (well not actually a studio, but I have a good pair of studio headphones, Line 6 Spider V, foot switch and a laptop connected with my amp via USB - no audio interface)


Problem is, after several attempts to setup my amp drivers on my PC, i find it very hard to keep input from my Spider Amp and output on my PC.

So, what is the best practice to monitor what i am playing/recording?

Shall i plug the headphones directly on my Spider V amp? Or shall i keep trying to make my pc get input from the amp and output sound from my default sound card?



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I'm not familiar with Cubase, but the settings should be in it to use the amp (USB) as the input device, and the computer's soundcard as the audio output device.  If not, then the amp needs to be selected as both input and output device and headphones plugged into the amp.

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