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XLR (Mic) vs 1.4" (Line) Quality


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hey guys

I've recently run into a sort of weird behaviour, probably me doing something not right.
Been a newbie with the helix LT, love it!

My scenario or ideal situation for me:
Live use: XLR (mic) to FOH, XLR (mic) to in ear
Band practice: 1.4'' to friedman (but not possible due to no 1.4'' connection), XLR (mic) to in ear

This way I could have one global settings and not have to change;/mess with volumes, here's my dilemma.

A) I'm running XLR (mic) to our mixing console for in ears with great results but...
B) When trying 1.4'' (line) using a regular guitar cable, of course it's louder but the sound is harsher, raspier and has a lot lower quality grade in my in ears even if i back it down a bit
C) I'd like to start using a Friedman ASM/ASC 12 but those only have XLR inputs so I have to block one of those XLRs and set it to Line level to get the right level for my audio settings. this means even the signal for my in ear would have to be line level using an xlr out although the mic level just sounded better

Ideally I hoped I could just use the 1.4'' for the ASM/ASC but I don';t think I can connect it (unless there's a jack/xlr cable) 
Did anyone notice differences into sound quality between running xlr or 1.4'' and/or using Mic vs Line levels? 
or am i just overcomplicating something here?


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It does not make make a big difference if you connect 1/4" TRS out or XLR out to your wedge. All you need is 1/4" TRS to XLR cable if the wedge has no XLR/1/4" combo input.

It does make much difference if you connect XLR mic level to console/stagebox,  XLR mic level via separator, XLR line level to console/stagebox via DI or 1/4" line level via DI box. DI and tranny separators have an advantage of phantom, ground loops separation and make signal fully balanced. You have plenty of options. Do whatever works best for you.

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Interesting thanks, I thought that the helix 14'' is a mono and thus running a TSR cable out would not be ok or? Those are stereo.
Also interestingly enough, I can totally say that line out + passive DI sounds a lot worse than XLR mic out. But maybe as its just for on stage in ear i should not care too much. Some added audible harshness can be beneficial to hear the pick attack i guess. 

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I am sorry I don't know what do you mean by harshness within one digital device outputs when there is no clipping happening.
TRS jack is just the type of balanced connector. Hx 1/4" outputs are impedance balanced. You can take advantage if this type of balancing using TRS jack instead of TS but no guarantee you will hear the difference nor the circumstances of betterness ever occur. ;)
Sure, for somebody the particular Di at 1/4" can sound worse than XLR. Still better than phantom applied to XLR out accidentally. ;)

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