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Ohms And Watts Question

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I have a DT50 head amp, which is supposed to match the 4x12 DT50 cab...


I have a 2x12 cab with two Celestion Greenbacks 16 ohm 25 watts each one connected in parallel that results in 50watts 8 ohms...




is my cabinet safe if I connect it to the DT50 head amp?

does my cabinet have enough power to match my DT50 head amp?

is there a chance DT50 head amp damage my cab?


DT50 head amp matches with a DT50 cab 4x12 300 watts at 8 ohms, it's the same as a marshall 50 watts power can run these kind of cabs, so as the superjubilee or the jcm800 50watts version; that's why I'm asking for this question because I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here that may ruin either the amp or the cab... even worse BOTH...


thank you



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As long as you hook it up to the correct outs on the rear panel, you won't have any problems.  8 ohms is 8ohms, whether its 4 speakers or two or one.  As always, keep the master at zero when turning on and adjust up slowly to your desired volume level.  Have fun!

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thank you very much for your feedback, I've been reading tons of forums about this topic, and there are so many different experiences... 50 or 100 watts running 2x12 greenbacks (50w cab) rocking loud for years with NO problems and even 100w running 4x12 100w cab with greenbacks and broken speakers...


It's all a mistery, cuz even before I knew about this matching ohms and watts for amps and cabs I used to play my old pine cab 2x12 8ohms 50 watts to a solid state marshall 100watts and the cab is still rocking pretty well... weird, isn't it?


merry xmas!!!

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