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    DT Amps FB Users Group

    Hi guys, so happy to see Line 6 has finally given us an integration solution for our DT amps and the Helix platform. I've been a DT user since 2014 with the original Dream Rig, HD-500, DT-25HD, and JTV-69 and I love this amp. When Helix came out I jumped on it immediately. I posted many threads about how the DT could be used with the Helix using midi and the problems that could be encountered along the way. The new integration isn't perfect by any means but it is an 'elegant' solution. I've created a DT Series of Amps User Group on Facebook as a place we can gather to share our experiences and tips and tricks. I don't mean to take away from this great forum but if you are like me and spend a lot of time on FB, I invite you to visit and join if you wish. I've already documented how I've integrated the DT with my Helix and some of the common misconceptions about how it all works. I would love to see what you guys can share over there too as we all learn and grow with the incredible tools we have been given. Cheers! Line 6 DT Series of Amps User Group PS. - all members of the Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL are preapproved for membership.
  2. radatats

    DT Amps FB Users Group

    no real issues. The ability to use channel B is cool but it is totally dependent on the physical knob settings on the DT so its not easy to switch back and forth but still glad to have my DT back in action...
  3. radatats

    DT25 firmware 1.0 reset instructions

    here's an old thread on it that might help you. There's more to the thread than what I copy/pasted if you want to read more of it click the following link. http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/89126/ DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by greghall on 2012-11-06 00:57:17.9270 I've tried to update my DT25 with the 2.0 firmware, but get the 8000000A error code. I bought a new UNO midi cable, connected to my Mac Book Pro (running Lion), ran Monkey, selected MIDI device, then DT25 combo. Monkey detected the DT25 and confirmed the current firmware version. I ran Update, and got the error code. I have the latest driver, and have tried swapping the cables around, and also doing the update from a manual download. Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome this issue? Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by DarthHollis on 2012-11-06 04:48:36.0570 #1 Keep trying (sometimes I have had to try multiple times to get it to work) #2 Switch the Midi In and Midi Out pins going into the amp (make sure the lights on the deviced are on) #3 BOTH the Midi in and out on your computer need to show the conntection to the UNO midi cable #4 Make sure the amp is "On" (I was wondering why it wasn't working for me before I noticed the amp was off - duh) Hope this helps Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by warta on 2012-11-06 10:06:52.7870 I have the same issue Latest drivers, switch cables, restart computer, turn amp on/off The monkey still doesn't find/update the amp Moving the controls on the amp makes the midi light blink, wchich tells me the UNO is presumably working Can't help but wondering why no line 6 techs have answered these problems Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by TheRealZap on 2012-11-06 10:13:35.1720 warta wrote: Can't help but wondering why no line 6 techs have answered these problems line6 doesn't do support in the forum anymore... if you want input from line6, you need to call them or open a support ticket. Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by sopachrga on 2012-11-06 10:42:45.1200 Try this: -Power the amp off -Disconnect Midi cables from the amp (and all other cables, so you only have a speaker and power cable connected) -Hold the Channel selector switch down (towards channel B) then turn the main power switch on (Just leave it in standby) -Continue holding the channel switch for a good six seconds. (Nothing will happen to indicate that you have held it long enough) -Then release the channel switch -Plug the midi cables back in -Start Monkey back up That worked for my DT50, hopefully the DT25 is the same. Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by greghall on 2012-11-06 14:47:54.5400 Thank you for all your help / suggestions. After many attemps, I finally got the firmware update to work, by turning the amp on with the MIDI cables connected / USB plugged into the Mac. Then I toggled through topologies I to IV a couple of times, until on IV the MIDI in light on the UNO stayed on for a few seconds. This seemed to get the MIDI connection working, becuase after that I opened up Monkey and ran the update, and it all worked fine. I'm not sure why this worked, but it may be that the driver has to receive a MIDI signal before it will send one - just a guess! Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by warta on 2012-11-08 08:18:57.0790 The saga continues.... I called Line 6 Tried the safe start mode. Nothing He suggested I buy new cables or try another computer. Maybe thats's the problem. And oh by the way, this is not a warranty item since the amp "works". He said I could send the amp to them and they could update it. Ya, right. I purchased a midi cable to see if my amp received signals via HD500. It does. I downloaded Midiox and in the window I have midi signals coming and going through my existing cables when I move diasl on the amp. The issue seems to me to be the Line 6 monkey and its inability to find the amp for whatever reason. Based upon the many posts I've read from clear back to 2007 it's an ongoing issue. Many users seem to keep trying, flip swithches 20 times, start and restart their computers, the monkey, or the amp and magically it works. Unfortunately for me it hasn't And line 6 appears inable or unwilling to fix the issue. Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A by snuffels9 on 2012-11-10 07:37:11.1720 Here is another magic trick, that worked for me. ;-) I had the issue that Line6 Monkey could detect the DT25, and started to update the firmware, but the update failed with some weird error message. I got It working after I downloaded the firmware file from the web page and told the monkey to update from file instead of letting it download the file.
  4. radatats

    Thank you for dreamrig DT, Helix & JTV

    Interesting, I will have to check that tonight. I will have to update some snapshots if that is true... Thanks!
  5. radatats

    Thank you for dreamrig DT, Helix & JTV

    yep, my experience too. Using Helix with Channel A I can put all my post FX behind the preamp in the Helix path and use the DT power section but if I select Channel B it just turns off the preamp in my Helix and runs the whole chain into the front of the DT internal preamp/power section. L6 Link does not insert between the DT internal preamp and power section.
  6. radatats

    Helix DT 25

    In my experience, using L6 link is great but the DT internal amp modeling stays on. What winds up happening is the Helix signal with L6 link is being applied to the front of the amp and then goes through the DT amp modeling in addition to your Helix modeling resulting in a garbage tone. There are NO preamp tubes in the DT 25. The sole 12AX7 is a rectifier for the power section. The DT preamp is all HD500 amp modeling. The best thing I found to do was to either disable the internal amp and cab modeling using something like DT-Edit or just running into the FX return of the DT. That bypasses all the internal DT stuff but is post master so volume must be controlled from the Helix. I see no point in trying to do 4CM with the DT because you are essentially taking a step backwards with the modelling. My best results come when using Helix full amp models, no cab or IR, and using the DT as a fully configurable power section with a real cab. DT is really just a great power amp.
  7. radatats

    DT25 with new HXEffects

    Sorry to hear. Not sure what benefit the Soleman has but you don't need it with HXFX. The Helix midi programming capability is dead simple and more than enough for the DT. Your issues may be related to the pass through. Here's the link to the OSX version of DT Edit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1228420/DTeditOSX.dmg
  8. radatats

    DT25 with new HXEffects

    DT Edit is a fantastic little program for editing your DT amp. I use a $40 M-Audio UNO usb to midi adapter, no issues. I also program midi in Helix to switch the DT and it works perfectly every time. Dead simple to set up. Can't speak for other controllers but the DT responds to everything I send it.
  9. radatats

    DT25 with new HXEffects

    HX Effects should work perfectly in 4CM with the DT amps. Midi is super easy to program with Helix so you can set up your HXFX patches to pull up the right amp voicing on the DT. Remember, the DT is a 2 channel amp. However, you can load 4 different amp/cab combinations in Path A and B for a total of 8 to choose from. You still have to set the knobs for the 2 you plan on using on Path A and B. If you dial in a Blackface on Path A and the use mid to switch to a Rectifier it will blow the doors off. Best to set a clean amp on one path and a dirty on the other path. If you have a Helix you can absolutely use the L6 link. The problem is that even though the DT and the Helix use the same communication protocol (L6 Link), their basic software architecture is totally different and do not integrate. They never will. The Helix signal is actually running through the DT internal amp and cab models and that sucks. The only solution is to also use a midi cable to connect your DT in addition to the L6 Link. The Helix can send midi commands to the DT to control it. I found the best way to work it is to turn off the internal amp and cab on all 4 voicings on both channel A and B in the DT using DT Edit. I then configured the 4 voicings in channel A to Class A, topology I-IV and channel B to Class AB, topology I-IV. Now all I have to do is send one midi command from Helix to pick the channel and voicing I want for my Helix patch. Nothing changes in the DT. You can use something like DT Edit to configure your DT that way. Once you do that all the knobs on the DT are inactivated except the Master and the Reverb. The DT is basically just a tube power amp now for my Helix. Works great. If you don't like it you can always do a factory reset on the DT back to normal. Your other option is to skip the L6 Link and just go in to the DT FX return bypassing the preamp altogether. If you don't want topology matching that might be the best choice for you. I don't think the DT Master works that way though so the DT is full blast. You would need to control volume from the Helix. Either way, the DT is a fantastic amp for Helix and the Helix models are a big upgrade to the HD modeling.
  10. radatats

    Helix or Helix It for bass

    I'm a guitar player, not bass so... But I have the floor Helix since day one and for me, I use a lot of the I/O options for L6 link, 1/4 outs to amp, XLR to PA, FX loops to pedals. I also use 2 additional expression pedals. If you don't need all that for bass, and I don't think even Geddy would, you will probably be fine with the LT. It still does everything the floor model does, just fewer I/O options really...
  11. radatats

    Alesis Alpha 112 Fizz

    OK so I got my Helix and a pair of Alesis Alpha 112's which are similar to the Alto TS112's. I was pretty excited to get it all set up as the Helix sounds amazing but I am so disappointed with this rig... No matter what I do the tone is harsh and buzzy through the Alesis speakers. No thick warmth, no rich, creamy tone to be had. I have tried multiple amp and cab combinations and loaded various IR's, just not cutting it. Anyone else using the Helix through these cabs or the Alto's? Are you getting good tones? Unless someone has experience with these cabs and can point me in the right direction they are going back ASAP... After laying out this cash for Helix I sure can't spring for L series cabs so what's recommended for a $5-600 budget? I need a pair of powered cabs for live work in small venues.
  12. radatats

    Help me decide how to use my second expression pedal

    I have two external pedals so one is Exp2 and always volume, the other is Exp 3 and usually does mix for various effects or signal paths. Exp 1 usually does drive or gain on amps or distortion or wah (which I very seldom use).
  13. radatats

    HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update??

    Not looking for new hardware but an upgraded HX version of the models would be fantastic to hook up with Helix. Better DT integration too but that would just be the cream on top...
  14. radatats

    Manual Misprint

    He had a tone?? lol
  15. radatats

    HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update??

    so we're finally getting the Metal Zone??? lol
  16. radatats

    Why do Helix Cabs and IRs Need Low and Hi Cuts?

    That's an interesting concept I will have to try. I'll put a crossover split after the IR in path 1 set to 250k and send to 2A/2B. I'll keep the higher stuff on 2A stereo and the low stuff on 2B mono and see how it comes out... EDIT - made this patch to explore these techniques and a few others. Check it out if you like... http://line6.com/customtone/tone/3280575/
  17. radatats

    DT25-DT50 Remote template

    Any decent cab works well with them. I built my own cabs, 1X12 and a 2X12. You don't need to have the Line 6 cab. You can't run the DT head by L6 link to the L2 cabs. The tube head MUST have a cab attached or it will fry. You could take the cab emulated signal from the direct out to the L2T but you still need a real cab attached too.
  18. radatats

    Helix-DT cab question

    just to add my 2 cents, someone else was asking about the template and I dug into it for them. I wrote a whole post about it at the link below but basically it seems to have been intended to use the 1/4 to the DT FX return, not the L6 link. That's most likely why it doesn't address the DT amp or cab modeling. Using the FX return would bypass all that anyways. Good points above about using cab modeling to match FOH. Personally I don't bother with that but I understand what you are doing. Hope this helps a bit. http://line6.com/support/topic/27590-dt25-dt50-remote-template/?do=findComment&comment=214400
  19. radatats

    DT25-DT50 Remote template

    after studying the template it's really just what it says, remote switching for the DT, not any kind of integration workaround. It's not designed to work with L6 link. It appears they were trying to give you a 2 channel amp setup using the Deluxe in channel A and the Essex in channel B. If you use a 1/4 out into the DT FX return and a midi connection you can use the FS's to configure channels A and B accordingly and FS 8 to switch back and forth. The problem is where they placed the split. It needs to move in front of the Deluxe, not after it. The split should also be changed from a Split Y to a Split A/B and assigned to FS8. That way when you select channel B, the signal routes 100% through the Essex to the DT channel B which you would set for Class A, topo III, and if you select channel A 100% of the signal goes through the Deluxe to the DT channel A which you would set to Class AB, topo I. Just remember that whatever changes you make to the DT with this template are permanent until you make new ones, just like using DT Edit. Should work fine with my suggested changes. Going straight in to the FX return bypasses all internal modeling in the DT anyways. However, the DT Master will be maxed out this way so keep that in mind and all volume control is in the Helix.
  20. radatats

    DT25-DT50 Remote template

    Not that they don't acknowledge the issues about integration or even that they are working on possible solutions. Rather they have never once confirmed or acknowledged or even denied that the Helix signal over L6 link is applied over top of the DT's internal amp and cab modeling unless you specifically turn it off. Not once has Line 6 ever provided those simple instructions that would have saved a lot of users a ton of time and efforts. My observations and workarounds have been proven to work by lots of DT users but still Line 6 hasn't ever adopted them as a simple interim fix. Yes, the template shows how to send midi commands to control class and topology but without any guidance or instructions about turning off the internal modeling its kind of useless, tone wise. Additionally any changes you make with midi are permanent, same as using DT Edit. I haven't seen them mention that either. I've corresponded with DI directly about integration issues but this subject just gets avoided. Its like its something they don't want to admit. Perplexing... As far as the reasons they don't integrate, yes, DI has explained that and I totally understand. Just weird that they haven't pushed a formal, official guide to making it work in the mean time. Leaves room for a lot of confusion in the user base.
  21. radatats

    DT25-DT50 Remote template

    I never even bothered with their template since for some unknown reason they refuse to acknowledge the inherant problems trying to use the Helix with a DT amp using L6 link. Without action on your part the Helix signal is run on top of the DT internal amp/cab modeling. You have to turn off the DT internal amp/cvabs using midi or DT Edit. See the link below to see how I run mine. It works like a champ and eliminates any confusion. Helix through DT is fantastic this way. BTW, I much prefer full amp models over preamps and rarely, if ever, use cab models or IR's to the DT. http://line6.com/support/topic/26901-helix-l6-to-dt50/?do=findComment&comment=208473
  22. radatats

    DT25 head and POD HD500 connections

    I still have a Dual amp patch for DT amps using L6 link on Customtone. Check it out and see if I did something different. Hope it works for you. Use it as a template to build new ones. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1102930/
  23. radatats

    DT25 head and POD HD500 connections

    its been 2 years since I sold my HD500 for the Helix so I can't help in detail. However, I remember having no trouble setting up dual amp tones for the DT with my POD using L6 link. I think you may be doing something wrong. Hopefully one of the other HD500 gurus can take it from here and guide you through the whole setup.
  24. radatats

    DT25 head and POD HD500 connections

    Absolutely use the L6 link to enjoy all the benefits of integration the way it was designed. You could do it the other way but kind of a waste of money since you won't be making the full integration.
  25. radatats

    DT25 channel switching and popping

    no like I said before, its just a 2 channel amp so all you can do is change channels or turn reverb on/off with a footswitch. If you want to control those other functions get an HD500. The DT was made to integrate with it. You could also do what you want with midi if you can program it. Unfortunately that actually changes your DT so it will remain in the last configuration you sent it for that voicing. The HD500 does not make any permanent changes to the DT and all your settings are saved with the patch in the HD500.