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Intermittent Signal Loss During Live Performance

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I did a quick search of the forum and didn't find any posts matching up with my problem. During a couple recent gigs I ran into an issue where my sound was intermittently dropping out. Did a lot of changing on the fly to solve the issue but I'm still a little frustrated as to why it's happening.


  • Main rig consists of a few pedals in addition to the FBV3. I run into a wah pedal, talk box, distortion pedal, and tuner, then to the amp.
  • Use the head/amp as a personal monitor, depending on the sound level I need. I have experienced the dropout with both the head only, and the head running mono into the Line 6 cabinet.
  • Once the issue started occurring, I took the foot pedals out of the signal path and ran instrument cable straight to the amp.....still encountered the problem.
  • Problem wasn't patch-specific...it happened with a couple different patches
  • Problem cropped up later in the second set
  • After still experiencing the problem with the instrument cable, I switched to wireless, and that seemed to "cure" it.
  • I have a voltage meter on the end of our multi-tap power cable to make sure we're getting the right voltage.....never dropped below 123V.


I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Love the amp.....I play mostly covers and need a range of sounds, and the Line 6 fills that need nicely. I would really like to get to the root of this issue. Doesn't happen all the time, but really annoying when it does.

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You say "never dropped below 123V."  But a power fluctuation above 123V would cause the symptoms you cite.  Are other devices hooked up to that power cable also experiencing these losses?

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