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USB Effects + HX Stomp Loop

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Is it possible to use the USB in/out with the effects loop in a stomp? You can do this with a Helix, but I don't know if it's possible with a stomp.


Gutar > HX Stomp 1/4'' > HX USB out > Computer > HX USB In > HX Out 1/4'' 


Basically this is inserting a computer into the signal path of the HX Stomp. 


Any ideas? 


(I know I could add an external audio device and use the regular 1/4'' loop, but I don't want the extra A/D conversion, added latency and I have other analog pedals that I might want for the loop) 


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I think you might be able to do it if you think in reverse. Have a path B, with a FX return that you plug your guitar in to, isolate path B from path A, and have the USB effects feed into path A with the path B effects feeding into your PC.


It's getting kind of complex at that point though, and you might be reaching the limitations of the Stomp. Personally, if you're going to start bringing in PC effects resulting in needing a PC I think you're better off dropping $100 for Helix Native, which gives you full Helix block power, and then controlling it with Midi. 

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Actually, I own Helix, HX Stomp and Native. I was thinking about adding a few PC based affects (like waves plugins) to augment my sound, but still use the dedicated hardware for the core sounds. This would not make me dependent on a PC in case of failure. You are arguing for a full PC setup which could work. I just get a little concerned with latency and reliability live. 


Do you use PC effects live? If yes, what host?




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