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Which Effect To Use When Having Many Line 7 Products?

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I own a Spider IV 150, a pod and a jm4 looper.


I connected the JM4 looper to the "cd-in" input of the Spider IV and it performs well the backing tracks.


Now I doubt. I do not know if I should connect my guitar to the looper or to the Spider IV? And I do not know if I should connect the POD? Too many effects to choice...


Can you help me?





PS: I mistype the title, it is LINE 6 of course.

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If you are going to use the POD FX, then use the amp on clean setting, or plug the POD into the CD-in input.  If you plug your guitar into the Looper, then you will want effects on it, but will not want the effects to change on tracks you have already laid down when you add more or change the tone, so it owuld be better to go guitar > POD > Looper > CD-in.  Unfortunately, the SPider IV amps do not have an effects loop, so if you plug the guitar > looper > guitar input, then every time you change the tone on the amp, all the looped track swill change tone as well.

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