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Getting Spider V Remote App Set for the Next Gig

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I've read much of the Spider V Subforum, searched all L6 forums and looked at some other online resources, and I still don't understand how to just organize and save the settings I want per instrument in the Spider Remote (SR) app for my next gig. (It's not helpful BTW that all y'all @ Line 6 chose to focus your rudimentary Pilot Guide instructions on using the front panel controls and that darn ROTARY KNOB while pushing owners/users towards the clearly more user-friendly, easier to see Spider Remote app - and then NOT providing clear instructions for the app.) I'm able to run the SR app on my laptop with Windows 10, and not on my Android phone, so for now am just gigging with the laptop. 


Here's my situation. I have the Spider V 120w amp. I gig solo and in a duo usually bringing 3 instruments to the venue; typically this is an electric semi-hollow, a modded Gretsch G5620, for songs in standard and drop tunings, a parlor with a soundhole humbucker for open tuning songs & lotsa slide, and a 5-string banjo also with a humbucker. I run these through a Bumper 4-way instrument selector then on to the Spider V 120. For each instrument, I want a "set and forget" profile established in the SR app. I may toggle an effect off or on, but I just want the profile per instrument all set to pull up and run with. So, for example, I played a gig on Saturday where I had this profile for the Gretsch:


  • Amp: Line 6 Super Clean (had to mess with the EQ but this sounded pretty good for my purposes)
  • Cab: Line 6 1X12
  • Mic: Straight in 57
  • Stomp: Screamer (with preferred settings and on/off)
  • Mod: Opto Trem (with pref setttings and on/off)
  • Comp (pref settings; leave on)
  • Reverb: Standard Spring (pref settings; leave on)


I can create this now from scratch each time, but what are the steps for taking this profile for the Gretsch, saving it and parking it somewhere in the SR app for easy retrieval at the gig?


And then for the parlor with the humbucker, same question. I have a profile I like but how do I keep it? And easily retrieve it?


And the same for the banjo.... 





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Use a windows laptop or tablet and the Windows version of the Spider Remote. It's easier to create and swap out tones, or even the entire tone bank, than using the mobile app. Also I've posted a blank tone bank that allows you to start with no tones loaded to make your own custom tone bank... which might be ideal if you are switching between several instruments.


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Thanks, Joe. 


Per my orig post I'm already using, gigging with the Spider Remote app via Windows 10.


Can you link your blank tone bank? Thanks. 

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Cool man 

here you go!

What I would do is individually save to disk the tones you made, and, if any, the factory tones you want to use.. I'd also back up the entire bank to disk, just in case something silly happens. then I would hit restore to load up the blank bank, by clicking "restore".... then I would import my tones into the slots you want them. Loading up the blank bank virtually erases all the tones, and gives you 128 slots to park your own tones in. Then it's a matter of just selecting them. BTW if you have a FBV shortboard Mark II or an FBV 3, you can switch between your tones way easier.


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