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LIne 6 Amplifi vs Fender Mustang GT in 2019


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I was just wondering that, now, in 2019 which one of the two should I go for?
My requirements?
1. A goodish sounding practice amp, only for the home setup I am not experienced enough to be gigging.

2. It would be amazing if I could plug in my acoustic guitar and get some sweet acoustic sounds from it.

3. Functionality as a bluetooth speaker for house parties and movie nights.

I know, I am asking for a lot, but of course, both these devices fit my requirements.
I just vary Amplifi's software problems (like updates bricking the device) and connectivity issues. Do they still exist? or have some updates smoothed everything out. If updates have made things better I'd pull the trigger and just go ahead and buy it. Any of you have any other suggestions?


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Don't know anything about the Fender Mustang GT.


I do know about the Amplifi, as I have a 30, an FX100 and a 150. Of the 3, I like the 30 the best. They all have the same sounds. I use the 30 for practice at home and occasionally at an open mic, where I use it with a Variax, and mic it with one of the instrument mics. Usually play it with a cleanish Fender model and it sounds pretty sweet. Also use it with a Taylor T5z and it sounds good amplifying an acoustic. 


That's the positive part of my comments. Stand by for the negative, and remember -- these are opinions, not statement purporting facts.


  • For all practical purposes, the Amplifi line has been abandoned. Line 6 may still sell some as new, but they have not released any updates for firmware or the remote app for a very long time. As far as I know, they haven't announced that they're no longer produced, but it sure doesn't look like it.
  • As you've read, updating is -- at best -- problematic. I had no problems updating my 30 or the FX100, but the 150 went horribly wrong and it cost me over $100 to send it to Line 6 to have it repaired for 'free'.
  • I have not had any problems with the bluetooth, but I've only used it for any length of time on the 30. Not enough experience with the FX100 or the 150 to make a call. 

I conditionally *like* the Amplifi series, but if you're not lucky and get one that requires updating (and fails!) or has bluetooth disconnects, you're not going to be happy. If I were to do it again, I WOULDN'T.

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