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Hidden rack unit in powercab

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Hi all


I've had an idea for housing my rack gear so it looks good onstage and keeps the line 6 aesthetic.


I'm planning to get a normal powercab for venues that require me to have a speaker cab, and a broken powercab/powercab+ which i can gut, and put my rack setup inside. I have made measurements and I believe this is possible.


Just for interest - I have a Line 6 Helix Rack, Voicelive Rack, and a Roland GR-55 which I am currently in the process of rehousing for rack (mock-up attached)


Two questions for the group:


1. Does anyone foresee any issue with this idea? Or have any suggestions.


2. Does anyone have or know where I may be able to get a Line 6 Powercab / Powercab+ for spares/repair?






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It's kind of a cool idea, but I think it will end up being pretty heavy - perhaps heavier than the Powercab itself. The wood cabinet isn't exactly lightweight. I don't know, I guess I think getting an actual rack enclosure of some sort would be a better and way easier solution.

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