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Please Help Me Decide, New To Pods


Hi everyone, brand new on the forum here.


I am a looking at getting one of these pods, but have never had one before. I play an ESP LTD EC-1000, mainly heavy music, but also classic rock and some jazz. Right now most of my playing and recording is done through my BossMicroBR recorder, or my little Roland Cube 60, I love the amp/speaker modeling the BR gives me, and want a good effect setup/preamp to run through my cube. A pod seems the perfect choice.


As a side note I am beginning to teach my 14yr daughter how to play guitar (gave her my Ibanez 3x-1), and have heard some pods will let me run 2 guitars through at the same time which would be great to help her (play at the same time). Otherwise I am buying another amp (a good excuse to get my Marshall lol).


I have seen many older XT Live pods for about half the price or less of a HD500. How big of a different is there?


Will the XT Live run 2 guitars? (I heard the 500 will).


Is the HD500 really a lot better for tone?


How good is the XT?



Any input is greatly appreciated.




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The XT is the prior generation of Line 6 modeling.  The HD has better quality modeling - more natural.  That said, the XT line has the ability to simulate more amps.


XT Live can only run 1 guitar at a time.


Tone is in the ear of the listener.  In my opinion, HD modeling is a lot better for tone.


The XT is good.  The HD is better.  I owned one before selling it to get an X3L which I later replaced with an HD500.  Never looked back :)

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