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  1. Power chord could be shorting. Check where the chords go in and out of the transformer. That's where mine shorted.
  2. You don't actually have to save the tone to your pod to listen to it. It doesnt take any longer to download the patch to gearbox than it would be to download a sound file. When you click download just pick "open with gearbox" when it asks where you want to save it. Bada bing, you're done.
  3. Just confirming that it happens when connected only through the 1/4 inch cable? That would lead me to think its the guitar. Have you played it through an amp only to see if it happens without the pod? That's what I'd try next
  4. You'll want to post this over on the Pod HD forum.
  5. I think the headstock is great. I'm glad they didnt go with the tired out, strat headstock . To each his own, i guess.
  6. also, you can't use the PODxt to connect the guitar to your computer. You have to use the connector that came with the guitar
  7. Maybe I'm missing your concern, but I don't see the issue. When you find a patch you want to try, you click the download button. When the save/open dialog box opens, pick "open with Gearbox". Bada Bing, it loads. If you like it, you save it off.
  8. Basic questions: What version are you on for WorkBench and JTV? Battery Fully charged? Are you plugged directly into a usb port on your pc? Are you are getting the error when you just assign it to that position in workbench, or when you "upload to Variax"?
  9. Sounds like you are downloading a non-PodXT patch. That's why you are getting the unsupported patch error. As mentioned, this is old software for an old device. It's not going to get any better. You are right that it isn't always intuitive. Go through the manual and check out the video above. If you still have issues, we'll be glad to answer questions.
  10. ¿Reflashed el firmware? Eso es lo primero que hago cuando están sucediendo cosas extrañas.
  11. I've referred to these articles whenever I've had an issue w/ mine: You may have to uninstall all the software and start over. Make sure that you follow the instructions as to powering of the Pod. Good luck.
  12. Yes. HD. I know it's not supposed to be compatible. But, I thought I'd try it anyway. The upgrade went fine. It's interesting, because the XTL isn't supposed to select the saved models on the JTV either, but it's always worked fine with mine. I'm wasn't expecting Workbench HD to work through the XTL, but was suprised that it could load the models from the JTV.
  13. I updated my '69 first time through my PodXTL. Workbench didn't seem to want to update through Monkey, so I just downloaded it a updated it myself. Workbench will work for a little bit through the PodXTL and upload the models from the guitar, but ultimately will give me an error and die when I start switching through the models.
  14. From the videos and photo's I've seen, I think it's a Variax 600. No matter, I wonder if he uses the stock sounds or if Line6 has created some custom sounds for him. Also, I'd like to get a copy of his XTLive patches... Its interesting that he hasn't upgraded to the jtv...
  15. To "power on" the guitar, you need to turn the volumn up and have a 1/4in jack inserted. If pressing the selector knob doesn't light up with one click, it may be an issue with the button sliding down the shaft of the switch. This is a known problem. Pull the knob off depress the switch without it. You should be able to switch into modelling mode with a single click (the light will come on). All you have to do to fix it is stuff some paper up in the knob. This will hold it up high enough to work properly.
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