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  1. Paule315

    barrel size

    I would like to use a right angle adapter for the power input. does anyone know the correct size for the Pod HD500X. thanx
  2. I have this issue as well position 2+4 don't work. is there a fix other than sending the guitar hundreds of miles
  3. what would be adjusted? does that mean new parts? I bought this on ebay the seller listed it as new- obviously it isn't. I don't want to alter it in any way before deciding if I should return it.
  4. nothing loose. the model knob has a little wiggle nothing of note. firmware updated 2.22. thanx for taking the time
  5. Hello, I just got a used jtv69 serial#11090182 can anyone tell me is this a version one? where can I get a replacement trem bar? when plugged into HD500X with RJ45 the power seems not to be stable.does the input need replacing? the model knob does not turn on and off reliably it takes a couple tries usually. is this common? I like the guitar but do not want to deal with touchy electrical stuff. anyone out there experienced with these problems and or solutions to them ? thanks in advance for any help. Paule.
  6. version 1.75, battery fully charged, direct into usb port. when uploading to variax.
  7. the message I get is (your tyler variax has stopped responding, please try resetting the power and click 'refresh' in the tone locker)
  8. when trying to put 12string into position 1 on 5way switch I get a message. lost connection reset power. cannot seem to edit presets in the guitar.
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