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External switch with the HX Effect


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Hey good people,

  I have a couple different levels on my pedalboard and it is easier for me to control things from my lower tier. I have the HX effects that I would like to control any of the 9 blocks from the Signal chain to my NUX 2 switch, latching expression pedal.I am able to use it with my HX stomp. But the only thing I can get close to getting it to work with the HX effects is for amp channel switching.


has anyone ever successfully used a non-midi external pedal to control an effect block from the HX effect? As a bypass setting...



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I don't think you can bypass effects on the HXFX from another device without using MIDI.


If that's not what you're asking, you might want to try rephrasing your question, be a little more exact about what you're try to do, because I sure can't make heads or tails of it.

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I thought I was specific? LOL go figure.


It’s what you answered I want to be able to bypass the effect or turn it back on when I want to. And like I stated above I figured midi was the only way I could do it.  But I was hoping that was not the case.


Thanks for your reply.

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