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500x Only Has One Channel Iv Model


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The Angel whatever it is.

The Treadplate is now a channel 3 model after I did the firmware update. Anyone notice that?


Also - can you use 500 patches from custom tone on a 500x? There's not a single patch for the x yet..... I might have held off buying one for a bit if I knew this.


Good news though - there's only 1 JTV 89F in blood red in the country and I'm ordering it today.

Go me......

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Yes you can use the HD500 patches in the HD500x. When you download the patch from CustomTone site, you just need to change the extention on the file from ".h5e" or "l6t" to ".5xe" when using POD HD 500x edit program. Hope this helps.



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do you mean topology IV on the DT amps?

not sure what else you can mean...

but that's just based on the original design of the amp...

you can change it to whatever you want and save it.


Thanks all.
Any comments on the single channel IV model though after the update?

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Technically they are all topology 4 models as u can choose to use whatever model u want with whatever topology you want but I believe they fixed the Treadplate topology in the last update. Can't remember as I don't use it very much I am probably one of a few that likes the electrik model more but if u don't like topology 3 you can change it freely.

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