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Low Input Levels On StageScape

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Hi All - anyone ever had this problem?


I cant get adequate levels on any of the mic inputs.  Using scenes/setups that I have used for years.  Tried 6 different mic and cable combinations in all XLR inputs.  They barely hit the board even when I crank the trim level.  Tried auto trim with all combinations and it sets the level at +19 and it is still too low.  Re-set to factory settings and re-loaded firmware but still no improvement.  Also tried setting up a new stage when factory settings were restored. When I plug an ipod into the 1/8" plug and play music its fine - no level problem.


Any ideas?



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It might be one of a few known issues. If you search for Level Drop and M20d there are more than a few historic threads: in summary it is probably an issue with connections between the boards and/or to ground. And it is not a fatal problem if a) it is in warranty, or b) you or somebody you know is OK with the mechanical side of electronics.


Contact cleaner and reseating will often do the trick - or it did with my dodgy 1/4 inputs, but you might need to go as far as the grounding mod described in this thread:



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This is perhaps a bit embarrassing but it just happened to me!

In my defence it’s the first outing for the M20d in ages , so 3 days before the gig I had tested all XLR and all 1/4” inputs and all outputs using a condenser mic with phantom switched on and checking levels on a meter. I got constant good levels.

Then on stage both lead vocal mics and one drum mic - all dynamics - had very low levels. So low that swapping mics and cables, and setting trim to maximum gain, and setting the channels to maximum gain and reducing everything else down and boosting the mains volume to only just got us through the gig. The drum mic was a SM 57 and recorded nothing. Most of the dynamics have required 12 of boost on the clips before they are even close to the levels of direct or condenser channels.

Going to have to take my own advice here

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