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Simultaneous Chorus And Voice Dobler Use Is Not Possible


I do appreciate the quality and variety of effects displayed by M20d, but I was disappointed to not be able to use by the SAME time the chorus effect for my Guitar and the Voice Dobler for the singer. The two effects are linked to the EFFECT C, and there is no possibility to reaffect one of them to EFFECT À or B or D

May be possible in a coming M20d update?

Waiting for that, would anyone have an alternative possible using only the M20d ressources (i.e other than "keep on using your BOSS chorus box(...)

Happy New Year to ALL LINE6 forum users

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Happy New Year!


You can use an input channel dsp type with chorus for the guitar and the global fx vocal doubler for the vocal.

The input channel dsp chorus is in line with the other channel processing like EQ etc.

To select the dsp type with chorus go to deep tweak mode and open the inspector in the left upper corner. When you select the tab "dsp type" a dropdown menu shows up. Scroll down until you find "chorus general" this dsp type has a four band EQ, a compressor and the chorus.

Again, the global fx can be used via fx sends from all channels. The dsp types containing an fx apply only to its channel and do not need fx sends.


Manual appendix C- dsp types:


Chorus & Flanger (General), Megaphone (Vocals)

These 3 DSP Types use a moderate number of FX, the difference being the final effect in the signal

chain is Chorus, Flanger or Megaphone respectively.

FX Order for Chorus, Flanger, Megaphone:

• Feedback Control (Feedback Suppression)

• Hi Pass Filter

• Comp

• EQ 4-Band

• Chorus (Chorus - General only)

• Flanger (Flanger - General only)

• Megaphone (Megaphone - Vocals only)

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Thank you very much for this "advanced" answer. I didn't read enough in depth the technical advanced user instructions manuel....I will try this option very soon ! And feed back.

Have a nice day

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