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Need help with Spider V30 AMP

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I own an Line 6 Spider V30 AMP and i want to be able to  change presets while playing.After a little research i found line 4 fbv express mkII but all the review-videos i watched were using bigger or older AMPs with more "Settings" (orange lights that i don't even know what are they,i'm really a rookie in guitar thing).So i want to know if this pedal will help me or not. Thanks :)

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HI Kargian, 


There are several options available depending on your needs. 


The FBV2 - This is a simple two button switch that acts just like the preset knob on your Spider V. 



FBV Express MKII: This gives you the ability to switch between four presets per bank, with ability to access the tuner, tap tempo, and an expression pedal with a toe switch so you can toggle between Volume and Wah controls.



FBV Shortboard MKII: This unit was released for Spider IV and is also compatible with Spider V. This gives you complete control of your Spider V30 by being able to change banks, preset select and Effect bypass. The LEDS indicate which effects are on and off with each effect fixed to a specific foot-switch. Stomp is for stomp boxes such as a distortion, MOD for modulation effects such as Chorus and phase, Delay for delay effects, and Reverb.  



FBV3: FBV3 is the updated version of the Shortboard for Spider V to feature colored rings to know which effects are which and the ability to choose where you want your effects on the foot-switches .



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