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UX2 and pod farm 2/2.5 license purchase query

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Hi there,


After using pod farm 1 all these years for my UX2, finally decided to upgrade so I can get more metal tones etc.

Is the only option to get pod farm 2.5? Would getting the trial version of pod farm 2 and buying a metal pack work also? The below suggests I would need to buy 2.5 and then another pack on top??

'This is a Line 6 model pack. Model packs are software add-ons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible Line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to run POD Farm 2.5 or better.'


I also do vocals so would I need an additional pack for that?


Thanks in advance!

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I would call Line6 for an official answer. In the past the model packs were compatible with both PF1 and PF2. 


As for add-ons for vocals, I would see what you can tweak with the exsisting models. Some of the pre-amps may suite your needs. 

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