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Hi guys,


bought the new Spider V 60 MK2 and the FBV Express MK2 Floorboard.

I'm having problems with these units. They won't work together.

After a few "operations" the FBV is blinking, the AMP goes into SAVE MODUS,.

Disconnecting helps sometimes.... but the failure comes again !


Any ideas?


Are these units compatible?

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Hi Peter, 


Sorry to hear about that!  The FBV Express MKII is compatible with Spider V. Lets see if we can track down what the issue may be. 


Using the provided Cat 5 cable, ensure that there are no 'kinks' or signs of a broken cable. 


I then recommend re-flashing your FBV Express. 


1) Download the Line 6 'Monkey' updater here: https://line6.com/software/index.html  (select FBV Express MKII for hardware, then press search)


2) Connect your FBV Express MKII into your computer via USB. 


3) Open Monkey. 


4) Perform the update to the latest firmware (Version 1.10.0).


Let us know if you have any further questions. 





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