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Version 2.0 Classic mode Sticking on bug ?

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On my V240 Combo I`ve reverted back to 1.05 did a hard reset and reisntalled my presets ............


The amp was randomly  getting stuck on Classic speaker mode, switching to full range changed the display but nothing else , still sounded like classic  - it would after a while switch to full range if the patch had it while playing ! and sometimes switching patches would unstick it.. I ,tried  a hard reset and reinstalled my patches and didn`t help , tried reinstalling V2.0 and that didn`t help either ........ 


so went back to 1.05, hard reset and reinstalled my patches, and back to normal 


as this is a software thing, it can`t be a fault with my amp hardware , could be an incompatibility with my patches due to a bug  .. TBH I do like the classic speaker mode but I`ve got adept at using Post EQ to get my patches sounding good for home or stage use and I never ever use factory presets anyway (as they`re awful) so it`s not a disaster but I`d still like to know if anyone else has noticed any of this ? 

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