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Is someone using mobile pod on Ipad IOS 12 ?


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I'm facing a blocking issue since I've upgraded my ipad air to ios 12.4...

Using GarageBand too ,Mmobile Pod crashes every time I want to record ...


The LIne6 support does not answer to my ticket for more than one week ...


Anyone facing same issue as me ?



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Thanks for your reply, for your information line 6 tech support answered to my ticket that....there was a bug, finally, mut THEY DID NOT KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE SOLVED...!!

so i ve left my line 6 product and bought another device, running fine with ios 12..

good bye line 6, 4 ever...

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Same "crashing" issue since updating to IOS 12.4


I get a strange 'amp feedback' noise when selecting Mobile Pod in Garageband (External, Inter App Audio) and the 'connection' between the Apps crashes

I go back and select it again...strange feedback,  connection crashes...repeat


I decided to try some 'work arounds' and yes, Garageband CAN use the Sonic Port VX as an audio source...but the Mobile Pod App is essentially useless now.

You can only use the Garageband guitar effects and they suck 


FYI - I disabled mic access to Mobile POD (Settings, Mobile POD, microphone) and the connection doesn't crash

BUT...I cannot get any audio signal now, so it appears Garageband and Mobile POD can't share Mic access (post 12.4 update) which causes the crash


Please Line 6 / Yamaha...fix this bug...or find a work around

I love the tones I get on Mobile POD

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I know this answer will not blow anyone away but POD does work fine on older versions of IOS like 12.2 and earlier.


I actually bought a second hand Apple phone with 12.2 just so I could run POD. WHY? Because I wasted many months looking for a Garage Band plugin that has the ease of use, quality, tones and flexibility of Mobile POD.


That is incredible that this hasn’t been resolved yet. As Line 6 is now a Yamaha company I was expecting the legendary Japanese business ethic to rebuild this failing Line 6 brand...but it appears not.

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