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Sending MIDI commands to Pocket Pod via DAW

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Longtime Line 6 user here who lost his JTV-59 Variax and POD HD500. All I have left is a Pocket POD.


I have this connected to my PC via USB and use the Vyzex software for tones.


I have a crap-ton of backing tracks that I play to using Audition CS6.


I am not very knowledgable about audio software other than the basics of recording and mixing and know almost nothing about MIDI.


What I am wondering is whether it is possible, in any audio software but preferably Audition CS6, to embed a MIDI control signal in my backing tracks to automatically switch the bank of the Pocket POD to any other bank while the track is playing?

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I use RealBand by PGMusic and Cakewalk and both of those allow you to put program changes into a MIDI event list and it will change the guitar patches while the MIDI track is playing back. However, it gets a little trickier if you are playing to audio files, but I think it could be done. You have to know the exact timestamp when you want it to change the patch, for example 2:25.00. Also, there may be a slight delay for the patch to load so you need to find a gap where you can put the change in. I've never done this, but I believe it can be done. 

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