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  1. I don't have a Pod XT Pro, but I believe you need to change some of the settings to get the output. Read the instructions in the manual on pages 3-14 and 3-15. "Analog Re-amping Just like you would for normal recording, connect your guitar to the Guitar In jack on the front of the PODXT Pro. And connect PODXT Pro’s left and right Analog Outs to your audio system to you can hear what’s coming out of them. Play a little guitar just to make sure you’re hearing it. OK so far. Now, connect the rear panel Unprocessed Guitar Out to an analog input of your recording device, and route it to a record track. This is the signal you will be recording so that it can be used for re-amping during mixdown. You may also, if you wish, track PODXT Pro’s left and right outputs to your recorder at the same time. Connect the monitor output from this record track that’s receiving the unprocessed guitar signal to the rear panel Line In jack of PODXT Pro. Press the I/O & DIG SELECT button once to see this page: Press the Soft Button below INPUT and spin the EFFECT TWEAK knob to choose LINE IN. PODXT Pro is now ready to process the signal that’s received at the Line In, while simultaneously sending your unprocessed guitar signal to the Unprocessed Guitar Out, so you can record it."
  2. Try preset 17C VAR/JumboAcoust. It uses the Line 6 Variax Acoustic model. I tried it with my Strat and got a pretty decent acoustic guitar sound even without a Variax.
  3. I recommend you test both of the audio cables and the USB cable. Swap them or replace them with known good cables. Also, do a full reset of the Pod 2.0, but make sure you've backed up your setting before you do or you will lose them.
  4. Did you check your setting under Cabinet Tuning Mode. It sounds like you may have the wrong mode selected for your setup.
  5. I think we need a little more information on this to make a determination. It could be coming from your amplifier. What is your setup? Guitar? Amplifier? Computer? Try it with headphones to see whether you still hear the distortion. Are you using a preset, and if so, which one? If you using a custom sound, what are the settings? Also, check your setting under Cabinet Tuning Mode. You may have the wrong mode selected for your setup.
  6. Each sound can have it's own reverb type and settings...anything from spring, room, halls, chambers and plate reverbs and multiple types of each. You can set the wet/dry mix and the dwell setting that I believe is the equivalent of decay. Just press edit on the sound you want to add reverb to and turn the select dial to reverb and then edit the settings to your liking. For more detailed descriptions of the reverbs, see the PODXTLIVE Pilot's Guide.
  7. I use RealBand by PGMusic and Cakewalk and both of those allow you to put program changes into a MIDI event list and it will change the guitar patches while the MIDI track is playing back. However, it gets a little trickier if you are playing to audio files, but I think it could be done. You have to know the exact timestamp when you want it to change the patch, for example 2:25.00. Also, there may be a slight delay for the patch to load so you need to find a gap where you can put the change in. I've never done this, but I believe it can be done.
  8. First: I know next to nothing about OSX. I'm a WIndows10 user. Did you download and install the driver first? It does say it is compatible with OSX El Capitan. Usually you install the driver first before plugging in the POD. Not sure if that applies to OSX. Be sure to read and follow the instructions. Seems like it should work. Also, try using the License Manager and not Line6 Monkey.
  9. You have to search under Windows 7 since there are not new Windows 10 versions, but the Windows 7 versions work fine.
  10. You have to send it a control 26 with a value of 0 for off or 127 for on. Try that.
  11. Click on the Bundle button in the bottom middle section of Gearbox. Then go to your Line6\Tones\Gearbox folder and copy the file to a thumb drive to save to your other computer.
  12. A last option would be to try a factory reset: If for any reason, or just for the sheer mad joy of it, you decide you need to reset your Pocket POD to its factory-programmed state, then boldly do this: • Hold the Save and Up buttons while you plug in to the Guitar In jack. • Pocket POD will power up and display “Factory Init?”. • The display will show “Yes=Save No=Tap”. • To go ahead with the reset, press the Save button. To cancel without resetting, press the Tap button. Keep in mind that a Factory Reset will reset all the 124 User Presets to their factory default settings. Good luck!
  13. Did you replace the batteries? Probably would be better to get the AC adapter.
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