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  1. It should be on a sticker on the back panel. If it's not there, it's either worn off or it could mean the unit was stolen. You might want to contact Line6 support. This forum is user supported.
  2. Did you run the Line 6 License Manager? That will show you what you have.
  3. daveny5

    Pod 2.0 USB/Midi cable

    Is the POD listed in your Windows Device Manager when you connect the USB cable? If not, then the USB to MIDI cable is likely incompatible with Windows10. You need to find a MIDI interface that is compatible with Windows10. If the description doesn't specifically say it works with Windows10, you can bet it isn't.
  4. Try using the Gearbox program if that is still available from Line6. It may not work without a USB connection though.
  5. There are two analog outputs on the UX1 that you can use to plug into an amplifier and speaker. Bluetooth would not be good because it would have a slight delay in the sound which would make it difficult to work with. Besides bluetooth headsets are not designed to handle the levels that an instrument produces.
  6. For example, on my go to patch I use the Citrus model, with the Screamer stomp set at 35% Drive, 35% Gain and 50% Tone. A little overdrive or distortion goes a long way.
  7. No. You're either doing something wrong or you just don't like the effects. Every effect can be modified to your liking, but you have to change the settings. If not, maybe it's not for you.
  8. The dot tells you where the knob was set the last time it was saved. There is no way to know if that's the factory setting or a user setting. To reset to factory setting, read this link:
  9. I recommend ordering a new power supply from Line 6, if one is available. DC supplies not only have to have the correct voltage, but also the correct polarity. If it's not, you can damage your unit.
  10. Go to https://line6.com/software/index.html. Select Podxt Live, Drivers, Windows 10 and it should download the drivers for you.
  11. No, according to Line 6 it only works with the following: Helix Helix LT Helix Rack James Tyler Variax POD HD Pro POD HD Pro X POD HD500 POD HD500X Variax USB Interface To be sure, you might want to write Line6 support.
  12. Did you try restarting it with everything disconnected except the power cord? If that doesn't fix it, then: According to Line6: PODxt Family Error Codes If you are experiencing the following error codes in the display of your PODxt device: Invalid Error Code 01 Invalid Error Code 02 Invalid Error Code 03 Invalid Error Code 04 Invalid Error Code 05 Invalid Error Code 06 please try the following: Try the Edit Buffer Initialization with the following steps: 1. Turn off the POD 2. Turn on the POD while holding down the Save and Edit buttons simultaneously 3. The POD's LCD screen should display Init Edit Buffer 4. Push the Output mode button 5. Turn the Select / Select Page knob one click to the right 6. Turn the Effect Tweak / Change Value knob to the left or right adjusting the contrast. If that does not help, please try re-installing the flash memory on the PODxt device using the instructions in the following link: Pod xt Series: Factory Reset, Reflash, and Firmware Updates If this does not solve the issue for you please locate your local Service Center for repair.
  13. How old is the unit and how much has it been used? Try the attached link. If that doesn't work, you may need a repair. Also, unplug all connections except the power plug and power it on. Do you get any error messages?
  14. The delay is called latency and it's the time it takes your soundcard to process the signal. However, it should be barely noticeable depending on the quality of the soundcard and the speed of your computer. Need more info: Is the audio out from your POD plugged into the Line In on your soundcard? What kind of computer (desktop or laptop/notebook)? What is the sound device listed in Windows Device Manager? What device do you have set as the default playback device in WIndows? Go into the Windows Control Panel and look for your soundcard. Check those settings. Ideally, you want an audio interface (soundcard) that will let you select ASIO mode. That will give you the lowest latency.
  15. daveny5

    Factory Reset Pod XT Live

    You may have done all of this, but here's my suggestions anyway: Are you using the PX-2 power supply that came with the unit? I don't know what the electrical power is in Finland, but mine says 120v / 60Hz. Most European countries use 220v / 50 Hz. Should I assume you had this unit working at one time? Go to Windows Device Manager and see if the Line 6 PODxt Live is listed under Sound, Video and Games. That will tell you if you have the driver installed. If so, right-click it and select Update Driver and have it search for the latest driver. If you don't see it, unplug the PODxtLive's USB cable. Download the right driver from Line 6 and run it, but don't plug in the USB cable until it tells you to. If that works, then run Monkey and try to flash the firmware. Good luck, Dave