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  1. Download and read the Pod Pilot’s Handbook. Here's a link: Line 6 Manuals You'll need to connect the USB cable to your computer and configure your recording software to use the PodXt as an input.
  2. That very well could be the problem. The original is 9v AC and 2000mA.
  3. Do you have the original Line 6 power supply that comes with it?
  4. If that doesn't do it, you should open a ticket to Line 6 support. Go to Line 6 and click on Contact Support.
  5. Did you follow these instructions from the Pilot's Handbook? 6.Bass PODxt comes ready to rock for direct connection to your recording setup. If you’re connecting to a bass amp, it’s essential to let your Bass PODxt know so it gives you the best tone. Do this by pressing TUNE/ SYSTEM, then turning the SELECT knob one step clockwise. Press the button below DEST (Destination), then turn the EFFECT TWEAK knob to tell your Bass PODxt what type of amp you’re connecting to. Bass PODxt will automatically override this setting when you plug in headphones, so great headphone sound is automatic. 7. Select an Amp Model using the AMP MODEL knob. Set the CHAN VOL to max and the DRIVE, BASS, LO MID, HI MID and TREBLE to your heart’s desire. OUTPUT sets the, uh, output level. 8. Turn the EFFECTS knob to load an Effects Setup, then twist the COMPRESS and EFFECT TWEAK knobs so you’re happy with the sound. The TAP tempo button can set the speed for Delay or Mod effects. 25. Input Level - The NORMAL setting of this switch is appropriate for most basses with non-active pickups. If you see the CLIP light coming on, that means you’re overloading Bass PODxt Pro’s input. If that happens frequently, try the PAD setting here. This switches in input circuitry that’s appropriate for hotter signals output by some basses with active pickups, or from keyboards and other sources. For those nonbass sources you may also want to try the rear panel Line Level Input , which is a balanced TRS connection. A separate CLIP indicator shows in the display if you are clipping in the internal DSP. Good luck.
  6. Well, if it works perfectly with other guitars then the problem must be with the bass or the connection from the bass to the POD. Are you using a balanced or unbalanced cable from the bass? Did you try the Pad switch on the POD?
  7. Q: How to resolve a blank screen on a PODxt LIVE A: If you are getting a blank screen on your PODxt LIVE please try the Edit Buffer Initialization with the following steps: 1. Turn off the POD 2. Turn on the POD while holding down the Save and Edit buttons simultaneously 3. The POD's LCD screen should display Init Edit Buffer 4. Push the Output mode button 5. Turn the Select / Select Page knob one click to the right 6. Turn the Effect Tweak / Change Value knob to the left or right adjusting the contrast.
  8. There is a way to calibrate the wah pedal. Power off Put the pedal to the toe position Hold down BANK UP and switch the power on and wait a few seconds Press the AMP button Put the pedal to the heel position then all the way forward until the WAH light turns on Wait 10 seconds and power off and back on. That should give you the full range.
  9. There really is no factory reset. You have to flash the memory using Line6 Monkey. This is all they have for resolving problems:
  10. I would connect the two outputs from the PODXTLive to the L and R inputs on the loop station if you want the loop to be recorded with the POD effects. Otherwise, connect the outputs of the loop station to the inputs on the PODXTLive. I suggest you read the manual for more information.
  11. Turn off all of the A B C D buttons so they are not lit and you will be in Manual mode so it functions only like an amp without any effects.
  12. You need to have the PocketPod connected to USB on your computer Does the PocketPod show up in your Windows Device Manager under Sound devices? In Cakewalk, press P for Preferences and it should be listed under Devices - Input and Output drivers. Also check Driver Settings and it should be selected as the Playback and Record Timing Masters. Playback and Recording should have ASIO set as the Driver mode. You might have to set the Driver mode first.
  13. If you've tried different cords, then I think you may need to have it serviced. Contact Line 6 Technical support.
  14. Plug your guitar cord into the PODXTLive input jack (unless you have a Variax, in which you would plug that into the Variax jack). Then plug another guitar cord into the L/Mono output of the PODXT and the other end of that cord to the Input of the Flextone. The Flextone's Pilot Handbook has all the information you need to do this and more, like how to set the volume, etc.
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