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  1. daveny5

    ux2 wont connect

    You should be plugging it into a USB port on your computer or a powered hub, but not an unpowered hub. If that doesn't work, try a different USB cable.
  2. You can go to Home Depot and get an outlet tester. It looks like a plug with 3 LEDs on it and you plug it in and it will light up and tell you if the outlet is grounded and wired properly. They cost about $5, but it is well worth it.
  3. daveny5

    Pod xt live newbie

    Use the Stomp section for your distortion channel. The Stomp has effects for Fuzz, Distortion and Overdrive along with Compression, Tube Drive, Synth and Filter effects.
  4. I believe you can, however, you have to make sure you have the correct cable. The Pocket Pod is 9v DC with the Tip (center) being Negative. The outer ring is called the barrel. Make sure you have the polarity correct or you could damage the Pod. According to the Voodoo Labs manual: Almost all guitar pedal effects use a center negative barrel jack for power. This is considered standard polarity. Barrel jacks wired for center positive are considered reversed polarity. You can power reversed polarity effects with a Pedal Power by using the correct reversed polarity cable. It doesn’t matter that the effect is negative ground or positive ground, both types can be wired for either polarity. The black barrel cables included with your Pedal Power 2 Plus are standard polarity center negative. The 3.5mm mini plug is tip positive, which is also standard for pedals which use this connector. I find that last sentence confusing so be sure to read your manual carefully before plugging it in.
  5. I think what you're looking for is Gearbox. There isn't a WIndows10 version, but the Windows7 version should probably work. I run it on Windows 10. It's too bad Line6 doesn't keep their software up-to-date.
  6. Doesn't sound like it's working fine to me at all. :) Try the Edit Buffer Initialization with the following steps: 1. Turn off the POD 2. Turn on the POD while holding down the Save and Edit buttons simultaneously 3. The POD's LCD screen should display Init Edit Buffer 4. Push the Output mode button 5. Turn the Select / Select Page knob one click to the right 6. Turn the Effect Tweak / Change Value knob to the left or right adjusting the contrast. If that does not help, please try re-installing the flash memory on the PODxt device using the instructions in the following link: Pod xt Series: Factory Reset, Reflash, and Firmware Updates If this does not solve the issue for you please locate your local Service Center for repair.
  7. Is the cable you are using a shielded cable or one you made yourself? You might also want to try a TRS cable.
  8. If it says it needs a mono cable to activate, try using a mono cable. This is from the Reference Guide: "You should use only a standard, 1/4-inch mono guitar cable". Apparently a mono cable is required. I think that will fix your problem.
  9. Check your USB connection to the POD XT. If Gearbox is running, click on View Hardware Info. You may want to reinstall Gearbox. Not sure why it's looking for those files on your desktop. Also, run Line6 Monkey to make sure you have the latest firmware and software on your POD XT.
  10. The instructions I have are: Power off Put petal to toe position Hold down Bank Up and power up. Wait a few seconds Press the Amp button Pedal to heel position, then all the way forward until the Wah light turns on Wait 10 seconds, then power off. Power on. If that doesn't work, reflash your memory using Line6 Monkey and retry.
  11. daveny5

    Original Pod

    Try Line6 Monkey or Gearbox available on the Line6 site.
  12. It should be on a sticker on the back panel. If it's not there, it's either worn off or it could mean the unit was stolen. You might want to contact Line6 support. This forum is user supported.
  13. Did you run the Line 6 License Manager? That will show you what you have.
  14. daveny5

    Pod 2.0 USB/Midi cable

    Is the POD listed in your Windows Device Manager when you connect the USB cable? If not, then the USB to MIDI cable is likely incompatible with Windows10. You need to find a MIDI interface that is compatible with Windows10. If the description doesn't specifically say it works with Windows10, you can bet it isn't.
  15. Try using the Gearbox program if that is still available from Line6. It may not work without a USB connection though.