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Using Ilok Licensing Instead Of Using Device

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Hi, I have an X3 Live board and purchased the Platinum pack (bass, metal, classic, fx and power), along with a license to Pod Farm 2.5.


When I'm in the studio mixing, I don't like having another device running unnecessarily, using up electricity, when it's only being used for a license check.


Is there any way to transfer the license to my ilok 2, or do I need to pay for another license to do so?


Thanks in advance!

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not possible to transfer to ilok...

however if you bought pod farm 2.x and all the model packs separately you should be able to use the license manager and authorize them to your computer hardware independent.


note though... if you didnt in fact buy them separately and they were included with the x3 then you cant do this...

since the x3 owns those packs and licenses and it must be plugged in.

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