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Basic stereo output question


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Hey guys sorry I know this is a basic question but I can’t seem to find an answer in the manual, basically I have always played in mono and I’m now trying to get my head around stereo 


my signal chain is as follows 

Guitar > stomp > stomp send which goes > overdrive mono> delay stereo output > reverb stereo output > stereo return of stomp


then I’m using just one amp and an IR


1)basically if I plug into a pa from the left and right output from the stomp after this even though I am only using one amp and IR will it retain the stereo spread of the delay and reverb? Or will it all be summed to mono 


2) also if I use the amp model from the stomp as one output, then instead of returning one of my reverbs outputs into the stomp send I go directly into another actual amp, so that the stomp amp and ir don’t affect that amp

so left output is stomp

right output is amp


will this create a stereo spread? 


Thanks  again 

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1. No. To have a stereo sound come out of the Stomp, you need the final block to be a stereo block. If your final block is not stereo (such as an amp block or a IR) then the signal will be summed to mono. To have a stereo sound, you would need the final block to be stereo (such as reverb, etc.) AND feed that stereo sound into one speaker with a left channel, and the right output be fed into another speaker for the right channel. 


2. Ummm . . . no . . . but I'll admit I have a hard time picturing what you're trying to do here.  What would be the purpose of doing this? Just to have two very different amp sounds?


It might be better for me to wrap my head around what you're doing if you describe the whole signal chain. For example, when you say "reverb stereo output" or "returning one of my reverbs" are you referring to the Stomp's reverbs or a separate reverb pedal? 

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thanks for the help!

Basically I don’t have enough free blocks to use 2 different amps and IRS, so I want to use my main amp which is the Revv D20 with the fender deluxe reverb and IR of the stomp for my second amp to create stereo 


so my el capistan runs stereo out in my big sky then when using the revv the left output of my bigsky goes into the revv. Then the right output of my bigsky returns to the hx stomp, then the left side of the stomp also goes to PA, so my delay and reverb are split across two amps creating a stereo sound I hope? 

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