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HD500 Looper problms


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Here's the issue. I can "record" a part, but after that two problems arise that aren't covered in the manual, or any YouTube vids I've found. If I turn off the record/overdub and play along with what I already recorded, the looper records what I'm playing anyway. Also, after I record a part and want to use a different patch, if I leave the looper with the part I've already recorded, and select a different patch, the looped part also changes to that patch. I'm stuck. Thanks for any help.

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(the icons above change and say what will be the next action if you press the corresponding footswitches)


When you press the RECORD footswitch the first time the loop recording starts (and everything was recorded previously is erased),

when you then press the RECORD FS the 2nd time you set the loop time lenght and the overdubbing starts,

to exit the overdubbing you have to press the RECORD FS for the 3th time (playback doesn't stop),

if while only the playback is active you press the RECORD button you start overdubbing again.


To stop all the recording or the playback or both, you press the STOP button. (This action doesn't erase the recorded loops, you can start again the playback and then the overdubbing whenever you want).


(Even if you exit the Looper mode the recorded loops will be still in memory ready to be played back and/or overdubbed again until you turn off the device or engage the tuner).


To erase the recorded loops you have to press the RECORD FS while the playback is stopped.


If you want different sounds for the recording and the next loops or live playing you have to move the looper at the end of the chain (POST position) with the PRE/POST button (before starting the recording).



All about POD HD500/X

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For your first problem, I guess you might be pressing the record footswitch again to stop recording? If you do that, it goes into overdub mode, so by the time you turn it off, it's already overdubbed some stuff onto your loop. If that's what's happening, just make sure that when you've recorded your loop, you press the play footswitch instead. That'll stop recording and just play the loop instead without overdubbing.

For your second problem, about switching patches, it's to do with the pre and post modes of the looper. They determine whether the looper is before or after the signal chain. If it's in "pre", you can see in the signal chain view (the view that shows all the effects as little boxes), the box that looks like a tape is on the left side, before all of the effects. This means it's recording the raw input (without any effects), and when it plays back, whatever effects are selected during playback are applied to the output of the looper. It sounds like this is the mode you're in. If you change it to "post", the little tape box is on the right side, after all the effects. It records your playing with the effects already applied, and when it plays back, no more effects are applied to it. It sounds like this is the mode you want. For instance, if you want to record a loop with some preset, then play the loop, and switch preset, so the loop still has the first preset but your live playing has the second preset, "post" mode is what you want.

You can switch using FS3 when you have the looper on the screen. You can even switch after recording a loop, while it's playing: you can record in "post" mode to record some effects, and switch to "pre" so that further effects will be applied to it.

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