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Going From Pod Farm 2 To Hd500 (software To Hardware)

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I'm currently using the POD Farm 2 on my PC and really like the sound, specially that I've built some interesting patches mixing different FX and modelings.


I'm even able (and I tested it) to run it on a PC connected to my UX2 in live situation with very little latency, tweaking my DAW so I can set very small buffers. That is, I use my laptop as a guitar preamp pedal thanks to POD Farm2.


Now, some think a laptop is too unreliable in live situation in a gig. Another problem is that I must predefine the moment I change an FX  in advance (via DAW automation); that is no freedom as a hardware pream pedal.


So I'm thinking to buy a HD500. A real piece of hardware but firtst I'd like to have some answers to my questions about compatibility between POD Farm 2 and HD500:


1/ Can I transfer my already built patches/FX from POD Farm2 to HD500 ?


2/ If no, can I re-build them inside HD500 as easily as in POD Farm2 ? (I know HD500 has some editing capabilities in PC). That is, are the HD500 FX/modelings better or of equal in quality than POD Farm 2 ?


3/ In the PC (POD Farm2) I have no limit on the number of FX/Patches I want to use in a song. How many can I use in HD500 ?

Given that during a gig I may need multiple patches for a couple of songs, HD500 will surely lack enoungh bank to store all the patches. what can I do to use the banks more efficiently so they can be enough for a whole gig ?



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1. No

2. perhaps to a degree... different amps and different sounds... i dont think you'd find it practical.

3. the 500 is primarily limited by DSP, so it depends on what effects you select... however there is a limit of 8 regardless of DSP as well.


you would be much closer to pod farm by seeking out a pod x3 live... it has the same sounds as pod farm.

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