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Dt25 Speaker And Cab With Orange Micro Terror?


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I'm curious about how the cab and speaker sound when driven by something else. I've been looking at an Orange micro terror. Anyone know if it would sound good?


I'm after that orange tone, and am having trouble dialing it in on the dt25. Would getting the micro terror add something that I don't already have in a pod hd500 and dt25 setup?


I am curious about a tiny terror too, but I'm afraid that that's going to go far beyond bedroom levels. I really need to keep the volume down.

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Hi there - Good question! I picked up an Orange micro terror and it sounds killer. Has the Orange tone you are looking or and works great when plugged into the speaker on the DT25. I keep it on hand as a backup for gigs. I will say that I replaced the original DT25 speaker with a Weber blue dog. Sounds way better! The original speaker sounded so harsh and directional. Total ice pick to the forehead. 


Good luck!



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I ended up getting the micro terror and am pretty happy with it. I keep the tone between 12 and 1 and turn the gain nearly all the way up and that's my sweet tone right there. I took a few attempts at A/Bing it with the pod hd500 and dt25 but didn't really manage to get that crunch nailed yet. Got close with the p-75, a gibtone 1x12, line6 drive and two eqs but it's still not there.. possibly due to my lack of pod skills, I don't know.

Pretty pleased with the micro terror all the same!

I know what you mean about the directional icepick, but I tried the micro terror on a 2x12 with some unknown speakers and a 1x12 v30 but they sounded boxy and flat where the dt25 had bass and thump and fullness. Some of that could be the room tho. 

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