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Problem with Vetta II. Please help if you can.


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My Vetta II was working fine but then momentarily a bass guitar that was plugged into the Vetta II touched an electric space heater and stopped making sound. All of the displays and the longboard pedal I have still works and everything seems fine except that instead of a proper sound out of the amp I get a kind of jet airplane wooshing sound that changes depending on which patch is selected.


The man fuse is obviously fine but if there is another one I can't find it and I don't see any obvious charring on any components.


Does anyone have any idea what has happened and what can be done about it?


My direct email is

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This is not an amp from the old days, special knowing and skills are required. It gets too

involved, expensive and time consuming for self repair. Too may things can go wrong.


It will have to be properly evaluated and troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized service center or

Line 6 Repair Dept itself. Those are the two choices for this one.


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