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Hx stomp clicking and display flashing


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Had the HX Stomp for a week and yesterday the followering occurred 


Loud clicking when turned on

Display flashes on/off and then reboots

No sound with headphones

Stomp not recognised by laptop (new USB cable) 

Buzzing sound when connected to amp


I updated the software last weekend to 2.82 and all worked fine. 


If I hold down fs1/2 while turning on, it will work for a minute then reboots and clicks. 


I will post a video later on, anyone had the same problem?


Flashing Display




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Reboot while holding 2+3. That'll do a complete factory reset.

If that doesn't fix it you've probably got a bad unit.

You've probably got this covered, but always use a surge/filter strip and beware of static.

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