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Toneport GX white noise while recording

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I own a TonePort GX for 10 years. After years of break, decided to use it again. Plugged it into my MacBook Pro (Catalina). Drivers installed and device recognized by the system.

I fired up Garageband and I'm using VST plugins to get heavy distortion/effects. Only that I noticed that the device produces white noise even with no guitar connected to it and this noise is recordable as well. I attached a sample of it. I tried to play with the buffer but it has no affect. The noise remains no matter if I plug the laptop to the charger or not.


Years ago, I used Gearbox, which is no longer supported on latest MacOS, and I don't remember ever hearing that white noise. What can it be?

I'm using the stock USB cable. I haven't tried changing it because well I don't have any other cable.


Also note that if I use the device for listening only, there's no white noise. It's only when it's in recording mode.

with gain no guitar.mp3

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