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In another part of the forum, there's a topic 'Is Variax dead?' This question could easily be asked in reference to the Amplifi series. Although you might be able to purchase one 'New', the interest even here in this sub-board is virtually nil, and look at how long it's been before anything has been contributed by Line 6 in the way of presets, videos or firmware updates. (Thank goodness for the latter -- firmware updates can be hazardous to your amp's health...)


I won't mention the name or manufacturer, but there is a 'new kid on the block'  -- a very AMPLIFI-like modeling ampliifier, with thousands of tones, effects and bluetooth capability, that is just now being developed and delivered, with an order backlog of weeks... I got into the AMPLIFI when it was a mature, soon-to-be-abandoned product. The newer device is on the opposite end of that spectrum, and there's hope that it may deliver where Line 6 has let us down. 


On the minus side, it looks like the new device has made similar omissions that plagued the Amplifi series -- no line output, and no foot control for switching presets. Yes, Amplifi did rectify that, eventually, but at a pretty significant cost.


I'm still waiting for my new amp, ordered 11/23/2019. Just wondered if others who are disenchanted with their orphaned Amplifi amps are considering checking out the something different...

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just got this "line 6 community update" email. thought i had unsubscribed, but apparently i haven't. anyhoo i am also one of the unfortunate souls that invested way too much money (and time) into the abandoned Amplifi fiasco. I purchased with the intention of using it to learn more about the nuances of pedal effects, and also hopefully home recording, practice, etc. Huge disappointment there, and i will never again purchase anything Line-6 related. Yamaha failed to pick up the dropped ball after acquiring Line-6 and has also dropped on my list as well. be that as it may, I have moved on to build my own home recording studio and just use the Amplifi in my simple stereo practice rig. it's really pretty useless for anything else as i couldn't even get it to function reliably as a bluetooth speaker. I am interested in learning about the product you mentioned made by "the new kid on the block" and would appreciate it if you could email me the details lefty.wolf@gmail.com    thanks in advance

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