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  1. i had this problem everytime i used the tone search, before i gave up on the amplifi in general. it was always something to do with the software or server not recognizing me. sometimes i had to erase cache, restart, and log in, several times before it would work. good luck
  2. just got this "line 6 community update" email. thought i had unsubscribed, but apparently i haven't. anyhoo i am also one of the unfortunate souls that invested way too much money (and time) into the abandoned Amplifi fiasco. I purchased with the intention of using it to learn more about the nuances of pedal effects, and also hopefully home recording, practice, etc. Huge disappointment there, and i will never again purchase anything Line-6 related. Yamaha failed to pick up the dropped ball after acquiring Line-6 and has also dropped on my list as well. be that as it may, I have moved on to build my own home recording studio and just use the Amplifi in my simple stereo practice rig. it's really pretty useless for anything else as i couldn't even get it to function reliably as a bluetooth speaker. I am interested in learning about the product you mentioned made by "the new kid on the block" and would appreciate it if you could email me the details lefty.wolf@gmail.com thanks in advance
  3. as of 2019 my 150 bluetooth drops and reconnects randomly when just using as a boombox either from my phone or pc.
  4. yeah, yamaha is moving on from this. hopefully to an evolved version with better more user friendly, affordable, hardware
  5. sorry I didn't get back sooner. android lg g6 oreo works fine both for music playback and other remote associated functions, Strat into amp, bluetooth music from my pc works fine as well (if you consider crappy spotty connection "fine") no squeeling or static, sorry I can't offer any help
  6. tbh my best advice is to return it to the store and invest in a product that is supported. Amplifi could have been a great product for it's intended purpose but, they decided to go another direction and pretty much abandoned us.
  7. have not used mine for its intended use for quite some time after realizing that Yamaha/Line 6 are never going to support this device again with any kind of reasonable attention. I use it sometimes as a bluetooth speaker but, tbh my monitors sound better for music playback. I will attempt to fire up remote later today or tomorrow and post back. I have an lg g6 (android) and just updated to oreo.
  8. box clearly says colored lights and compatible with amplifi products. I guess red IS a color, but this is clearly false advertising. I have searched and cannot find a response from line 6 on this issue. many of us have purchased the amplifi 30/75/150 and are in need of a better way to manage our tones. this product was advertised as a near perfect choice over the previously available alternatives. surely line 6 could make the color rings work for the amplifi line of amps with an update? waiting impatiently to spend my $ on one of these, but not if it means all red lights...
  9. Bluetooth cuts out intermittently playing music library, have tried all suggested fixes and then some nothing works, makes playing along with library impossible. Please fix this, or tell me what I can do to fix it on my end. a laundry list of attempted solutions compiled by users would be a good place to start. LG G4 Android 6.0 all notifications, enabled apps that might affect this somehow have been disabled or force stopped. btw i started a ticket for this as well
  10. June 19th and no comment to fix this? Amplifi 150 here and this annoying intermittent interruption is Irritating. Makes it Impossible to practice timing etc. will check other support sources to see if this is getting the attention it deserves.
  11. jpullen May 12, 16:53 PM Jim, Thanks for your patience in this matter. The official and most accurate answer is this: The 1/2 time playback feature has never been implemented on Android devices on any version of the remote app. This may change in the future, but is not currently the case. Let us know if we can answer any further questions. Kind regards, Jason-Line 6 support
  12. Thanks, i was just frustrating myself over this today. i had the stick mount but did not see how to do the scan when it mounted
  13. hardware aside, there have been apps that can do this for android devices for some time. not sure what you mean by "heavy metal" but if the apps already exist, what would be "painful" about implementing it in software?
  14. I could not find much on this and wondered if i missed something. did they decide to remove it in one of the updates? did they just forget to add it to the android version? called tech support and was told that he had received several inquiries about this but did not know why it wasn't on the android version he said he talked to the software developers and that a ticket would be opened for me about this. i am patiently waiting for a response and will relay whatever i learn when they get back to me.
  15. bump. anyone figure this out ? or has the half speed been left out for android?
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