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POD Go vs Firehawk FX and Zoom g3xn


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Hi everyone! I am very interested in the POD Go, because of its size/weight and use of Helix sounds. I have a Zoom g3xn which I got (used) to be a light portable option for practicing. However, I imagine the new POD Go would be significantly better? I also am wondering if it would be an upgrade over the Firehawk FX, which came out quite some time ago. While I do like the sounds in the Firehawk, it is also rather hefty. I’ll be using the pedal for practice/jam sessions and small gigs. Distortion sounds are important to me. Thank you! 

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I would argue that unless you absolutely must edit your modeler from your phone or iPad, or remotely control a Variax guitar over VDI, POD Go is a significant upgrade over Firehawk FX. It's fully editable from the front panel, is much more portable, and has a ton of models and functionality taken from our flagship Helix/HX line of products.

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Firehawk was the first unit that convinced me a single multi-fx pedal could satisfy my needs, both in terms of selection of effects and quality. Helix (the basis of Pod Go) was the first one where I thought a professional gigging/recording artist could be satisfied with that and nothing else.


Note that there are still some holes in the lineup of models, weak points so to speak, where I could see a need for an extra pedal added on - particularly octaves and extra-especially synth pedals. But that's about it.


That's a convoluted way of saying that Firehawk is awesome, and a lot of people could probably make do with that, but the Helix family, including Pod Go, is a big step up.


Distortions in particular have come a long way in recent years. They used to be the weakest point in any digital effect, hands down (imo). In recent years, they're incredibly good, in my opinion. Realistic and dynamic and just really good. Note that this applies across the board, not just to line 6 - Aftershock, for example, is a fantastic digital dirt. The Helix lineup of distortions - and dirty amps - is about as good as you can get, in my opinion.


Additional note: my Pod Go arrived today. I haven't even opened it yet. However, I've owned both a full Helix and an HXFX previously. The Helix I sold because it was expensive and overkill for me, so I couldn't justify it. The HXFX I sold because I wanted an all in one, and the FX lacked the amp models, so I wasn't satisfied with it *for that specific purpose*. I have since the used a B3n, and I love it! However, I was excited enough about what the Pod Go offers that I ordered one to presumably replace it. I also have a G3n I use on guitar, so this should replace both.


So...I might be one of the few that's owned all 3 effects you mentioned (Firehawk, G3n (not x), and Pod Go). I don't doubt you would be happy with the Pod Go, it's just a question of whether or not the upgrades are worth the extra cash. The sound on the G3n/B3n honestly isn't that much of a downgrade, in my opinion. It's insanely good for the money, and definitely adequate for the majority of hobby players. But also keep in mind that the Pod Go has other features that are great, like a USB audio interface, better screen/UI, and so on.


In case I didn't say it enough, this is all just my personal opinion.

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