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Pod GO presets/patches in CustomTone


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in CustomTone I can't find the Pod GO.
Which kind of presets can you load into the Pod GO?
Are there new Presets or can you use existing presets?

The Pod X3 presets?
The Pod HD presets?
The Helix Presets?


Greetings from Germany

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I’m sure the POD Go will get its own section on CustomTone soon enough. The only presets that are compatible with the POD Go will be ones that were made on a POD Go. There is no backwards compatibility with previous generations of PODs or other devices.

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6 hours ago, RedHot10 said:



thanks for your answer!

That's good to know. So  the Pod Go isn't the right product for me without an existing preset-community.




Well, they’ve just started shipping this week... I’m sure once people have them for a few weeks, there will be a lot of preset sharing happening, and I’m sure there will be presets available for sale on the Line 6 Marketplace.

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