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Pod Hd X500 Output Options On Daw


Hello everyone,
I am considering to purchase Pod X500, but I have a big dilemma...
I currently own PodXt and there's one thing about it which is really bothering me - I'm unable to route guitar to different output on it while XT is connected via USB.
Elaborating a bit - I want an option to be able to send fully processed signal from guitar to, let's say, both unbalanced 1/4 outs connecting to amp, and non-processed signal from DAW to the both XLR's, leading to console/PA. I want just guitar/ in my amp, and clean DAW in PA, without guitar mixing in.
Also it would be lovely to know if I can route XLR input to different outputs, say, fully processed signal (achieved by dual amping in Pod) goes to the same output as DAW.
Is it all possible?
X500 really seems like hell of a machine - XLR input, looper, MIDI, Audio Interface, loads of I/O... But it will be nothing for me without this basic flexibility, which Pod XT doesn't have. I made a search on forum and knowledge base and there was no answer. Please, owners of X500, help fellow musician out! :)


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