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Is cab block moveable? (Would allow 4CM & IR to FOH)


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I understand that the “amp out” jack can give you he signal right before it hits the cab/IR block. My question is, is the cab/IR block moveable to the end of the chain? The reason is I want to run the Pod Go into my tube amp using 4 cable method AND send the signal chain WITH an IR to FOH so I don’t need to mic the amp on stage. In order to do this (send the complete signal chain sound to the effects return of my amp without an IR, but include the IR in the main out going to FOH) I would need to be able to move that cab/IR block to the end of the chain.  Otherwise whatever FX blocks that come after the cab block (I.e. eq, delay, reverb) would not be heard in the on stage amplifier. I do this currently with my Helix because I am able to split the chain and send a signal w/o IR to the 1/4” out and then add an IR block to the split signal going to the XLR outs. 

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