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Trouble Connecting To Dt25 Via Midi


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I'm having a bit of trouble with my DT25

A week or two ago it was working fine, and I changed a few of the preamps and cabs on it using DT Edit.


Yesterday I started D Edit up again, and at first I got some popup error in DT Edit about not connecting, and an option to choose my midi device. I ran the program several times and got this each time, but after a while it stopped occuring. Now the program starts with no popup, but displays "Not connected" in the menu bar. The thing is, if I turn knobs on the amp, the changes are displayed on the screen, so _something_ is connected..


I've been using this midi interface for years and think its pretty good. I notice also that Monkey is not detecting my DT25 firmware version via midi either.


Any ideas? 

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The only thing that comes to mind is that the editor may not be able to send MIDI requests and get a response (he may send but the DT does not get it), but the DT sends out MIDI if you turn the knobs. Maybe a DT reset is in order if you have not already tried it.

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