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Pod Go works with USB-C ?


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Hi all,


Just bought a Pod Go a few a

hours ago online, waiting for the unit to arrive next week. In the meantime something stuck in my head for the last few hours. My computer is a Macbook 2019. I was thinking on editing and using the Pod God connected to my computer, but as you all might know, all the ports are Thunderbolt 3 (accept USB-C).


Does anyone knows if I can connect the Pod Go to my computer using a USB-B to USB-C cable ? or any other workaround to make it work over USB-C ?

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I have a 2018 macbook Pro...Same deal...Works fine with the USB-C to USB-B, HDMI, USB-C adapter I have...I don't have B to C cable and don't know about those...I know they are out there and I imagine that they should work.

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USB-C is a connector specification.  Not a protocol.

Thunderbolt 3 connections  support up to USB 3.1 as well as the Thunderbolt 3 protocol. 

And 100w bus power and other cool stuff.

It uses the USB-C type connector. This is a good thing.

One connector type to rule them all.


Some laptops will use USB-C for just USB devices.  Not Thunderbolt.

Most likely USB 3.0 or greater since USB-C came out after USB 3.0.

But the specification is backwards compatible for 2.0.

You just need the the right USB-C adapter cable.


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