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FBV3 / Express for DAW questions - MIDI.

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Hello everybody.

I plan to buy a FBV3 or Express to be used with my DAW only as a MIDI controller.

Can anyone please answer me this:

- Is there a possibility for the switches to have different MIDI command when they are long pressed? I know it works for Line6 hardware but I'm not sure if it works in MIDI mode.

- The Expression pedal can be used for volume and wah - it sends different MIDI controls for each. Are these 2 MIDI controls sent at the same time always? Or the FBV alternates between them depending on the toe switch below the expression pedal?

- Can FBV controllers receive MIDI feedback from the DAW? For ex. If you turn off a stomp in a VST, would the light on the connected pedal turn off?

- Is there a way to use the integrated tuner in MIDI mode?

- With FBV3, is there a way to send anything to the LCD screen in MIDI mode?



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I am wondering about this as well.

The user manual had no information at all.

As far as I am aware they cannot receive MIDI feedback from the DAW although from what i have read line 6 could fix this relatively easily with an update however it seems like people have been waiting for this update for years and nothing has happened. 

I think you would be able to use a tuner in MIDI mode provided that you didn't change the midi the function via the control feature. In saying this i don't think you can use it as a midi control button and a tuner.

Hope this helps.

If anyone else has information that would be greatly appreciated.  

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