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Question for line 6 re Pod Go


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Just idly curious (well, we're still in lock down - what can I say! - LOL) as to who Line 6 has specifically aimed Pod Go 'at' and is this the same as where it's now seeing its main customer base for Pod Go (ie type of player) coming from?  

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  • Guitarists/bassists who'd rather have something super fast and easy as opposed to powerful and flexible
  • Guitarists/bassists who travel to gigs via subway, bus, bike, etc.
  • Guitarists/bassists who can't or don't want to justify the cost of Helix Floor or LT
  • Guitarists/bassists who need a backup rig for Helix Floor, Rack/Control, or LT
  • Guitarists/bassists curious about modeling but aren't yet willing to jump in with both feet
  • Guitarists/bassists whose friend/relative/bandmate owns Helix or HX and want the same sounds for less
  • Guitarists/bassists wanting to learn what amps and/or effects they like so they can buy the real things later
  • Guitarists/bassists whose local music shop or distributor is authorized to sell POD but not Helix
  • Guitarists/bassists looking at budget $299-399 modelers and realizing that for a bit more cash (or waiting for a sale/coupon) they can snag one with a flagship engine and modern features

IIRC, we initially pitched the top three bullets to sales/marketing, and the others sort of manifested themselves over time.

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