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Which Guitar Amp Sim for best Grateful Dead Sound?


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which Amp Sim would you recommend for creating authentic GD Sound (70`s to 85)?


My needs: Play along to my favourite tunes, jamming to backing tracks. (youtube, foobar) 70% of what i`m playing is Grateful Dead-Stuff.

I`ve read that not every amp sim allows hearing the software output simultaneously to the youtube/foobar output. Pod Farm does. Even the trial version excites me and i`m pleased with the sound i`m gettin out of it.

Recording is no priority. I have Ableton Live 10 Lite. Came with the Tone Port UX2 i purchased on Ebay. Also Pod Farm 2 came with it as a trial. Two days ago i asked if i can upgrade from trial to model packs, to safe myself some money... Nice thinking! ^^


After reading way to many hours about best amp sims 2020, tips for getting better amp sim tones, Impulse Responses, high impedance or Hi-Z signal... Stuff i know lollipop about, i`m gettin confused and overwhelmed by the offers of the industriy.


Some people say that Pod Farm still holds up and this justifies the relative "high price" for an old software. Some say it is obsolete. Some it depends on what IR you put in front of your amp. (IR = Cab = Preamp) ? You see how stupid i am? :) All this terms and abbreviations makes i not easier as a german to get into this stuff.


So, what do you say? Whats best for me ?


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You must already know this, but just in case... If you know the amp, you can just check the helix equivalent, for example I found this regarding Jerry Garcia...
As far as amps and effects go, Jerry kept it relatively simple, using a silverface Fender Twin for much of the 1970s and a Mesa Boogie Mark IIa later on. His mainstay effects included a Mu-Tron III (his original sold on Reverb in May 2015), a Mu-Tron Octave Divider, a Vox (sometimes Colorsound) wah, and an MXR Analog Delay. “

Here’s a list of Helix quitar amps:

Turns out Fender Twin is not on the list... neither is the Mesa markII... so I’d search for “amps similar to...”


Tried to be helpful, failed miserably... :{



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I did not know that it is possible to add individual amps to the software, awesome! Did not read about that till now....  Only possible in Helix, or others too ?


About Helix: " If you’ve already got plenty of practice with amp sims and want to take your tones to the next level, Helix Native can do some incredible stuff!"


The quote scared me a lil bit.

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1 hour ago, derryk4real said:

I did not know that it is possible to add individual amps to the software, awesome! Did not read about that till now....

 No, you can’t do that. Where did you read this? It’s not stated in this thread.


You can add IRs (Impulse Responses) but they are not amps.

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