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Auto transposing when record by PC through the usb cable


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Hi everyone. 

I met a very strange problem when I used the pod go for recording. I connected the Pod Go to a PC through the usb cable provided. 

I tried to record my guitar through the built-in Voice Recorder of Windows 10. There is no problem when I use the built-in presets.

However, when I try to use my custom preset to record, after recording, the note will automatically transposed down one semi-tone in the recording (there is no problem when I was recording; the notes I heard in the headphone through the phone port of the Pod Go is normal) . 

Did anyone met the same problem or do you have any solution to this problem? Thank you!

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This sounds like a sampling rate mismatch. It sounds like you’re recording the POD Go in 48kHz and it’s being played back in 44.4kHz. You’ll need to open up the driver settings for the POD and set things accordingly. The Voice Recorder app may only work with 44.4kHz.

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