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The Amplifi 75 effects don't sound like they are in stereo?

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Newbie question. I got a second hand 75 from an Aussie rep which is in great condition. I've got an AXE FX 2 so I'm quite capable when it comes to routing things in the right order (stereo FX placed after the amp, drive etc) https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ http://essaywriter.fun/ but I can't get a convincing ping pong delay out of this thing even with the delay last in the chain. The stereo panner just sounds like a tremolo. Streaming music is fine and the mid/tweeters clearly work in stereo, actually it's a great stereo unit for music. But perhaps not for guitar FX? 

Am I the only person who wants a ping pong delay to, well, ping pong from left to right?


Thanks in advance.

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